Great news, everyone. Kindle is now available in a waterproof edition, which might have you asking yourself, “If books aren’t waterproof, why do we need our Kindles to be?” The answer lies here, in the five ways this aquatic evolution is going to change your life for the better.

1. Pool Time: You can literally jump into the pool with your Kindle and read it on a flotation device. Or underwater. Your call.

2. Bath Time: You can now read in the tub without worrying about getting electrocuted. Take a nice long bath and read until you fall asleep. If you accidentally drop the Kindle when you nod off, no biggie. It’s fine.

3. Kitchen Time: You can bring it into the kitchen while you’re making a huge mess, and you won’t even cry over spilled milk.

4. Accident Time: Speaking of spilled milk, you can spill your latte all over that thing and nothing will happen. Fair warning: Your Kindle will smell like coffee. But we’re not complaining.

5. Beach Time: We saved the best for last. You can wash it off at the beach when it gets all sandy and sticky! Best. News. Ever.

See what we mean? LIFE CHANGING. The indestructible reader costs $240, plus an extra $60 if you want 3G. If you ask us, that’s a small price to pay for an endless ocean of happiness.

In what ways would a waterproof reader change your life? Tell us in the comments!