Oh, bathroom — the most forgotten room in the house. It’s way less exciting than the home office and nowhere near as relaxing as the bedroom. But what if you had a loo you actually wanted to spend time in? They’re out there! And we found them. Here are 20 chic bathrooms we (and now you) just might move in to.

1. Wild Rug: When you step out of the tub, there is no way you should have to step onto a cold slippery surface. Instead, a soft, warm, colorful one should be there, waiting to catch your foot. (via Gert Voorjans)

2. Big Bathtub: There are so many things to love about this bathroom — the white wood paneling, wall sconces, vintage chair — but we’re most excited about the deep bathtub. You’ve got to be able to fit your entire body PLUS have plenty of room for bubbles, people! Oh, and clawfeet are a definite bonus. (via Shrimp Salad Circus)

3. Big Painted Bathtub: And you get double bonus points if the clawfoot bathtub is painted a fun color. (via The Sweet Escape)

4. Massive Mirror: Sharing a small mirror in the morning (when you’re already grumpy) is kind of a pain. The solve? Get a massive mirror. (via Reve Decor)

5. Mirrors, Mirrors on the Wall: Solution #2? Go overboard and fill an entire wall with mirrors! (via Homedit)

6. Freestanding Sink: We know, we know. You need all the storage space you can get, but there’s something to be said about the simplicity of a beautiful freestanding sink. (via BHG)

7. Pops of Color: Speaking of freestanding sinks, get a load of the lime green color pop under this one! Little details like this (plus the orange daisies and turquoise pot) give a once-stark-white room plenty of pizazz. (via Apartment Therapy)

8. Accent Wall: Who says accent walls aren’t for bathrooms? This tiny bathroom has a big personality with its popping pink accent wall, framed artwork and pretty little plant. (via Apartment Therapy)

9. Color Explosion: If you’re really into pink (or any other color), say it loud and proud not only with an accent wall, but with a magnificently magenta tub, too. (via Bathroomist)

10. Relaxing Color Scheme: If you’d rather chillax in the bathroom, try something like this. The palette of sage green, white and slate work together to make this bathroom totally relaxing without being boring. (via Dustjacket)

11. Coastal Chic: Pastel blue walls and antique white furniture give this bathroom an upscale coastal chic look reminiscent of Cape Cod or the Connecticut coast. (via Mike Young Homes)

12. Mint Condition: Now here’s a way to put mint on your walls without looking like a hospital room. Offset it with beige and off-white towels and accessories. (via Setting the Barre)

13. Au Naturel: Go green with lots of natural lighting — check out that exposed beam skylight — big bushy plant, exposed radiator and green bathtub. (via Coco + Kelley)

14. (Un)treat Yourself: Go rustic with untreated trim, a wood-paneled tub, natural cottons and earthy tones. (via The Design Files)

15. Mismatched Tile: We love how the different shapes and patterns in this hodgepodge tile collection work together to create a stylish “found” backsplash. (via Petra Bindel)

16. Chevron Floor: While we’re talking tile, feast your eyes on this fantastic floor! Chevron chic, c’est magnifique! (via House Beautiful)

17. Pattern Play: Get playful with your patterns. Don’t be afraid to mix stripes and dots. We’re all about putting polka dots wherever possible. (via Sarah Hearts)

18. Gilded Lily: Create a distinctly royal feel with lavish floral wallpaper and gilded hardware — tub, mirrors, even a chandelier. (via HGTV)

19. Light + Bright: Alternately, go with a softer patterned wallpaper, creamy white hardware and liven it up a bit with bright towels and rugs. (via BHG)

20. Darling Decal: Can’t do wallpaper? Add a fun wall decal instead! (via Rue Magazine)

Are you planning your next bathroom redesign yet? Where do you look for inspiration? We’d love to hear in the comments!