Sustainable fashion has come a long way, from eco-chic festival dresses to apps that help you find ethically sourced threads. Now, a new planet-loving piece, the Webrus, is redefining the way you think about handbags. The wooden carry-alls are sartorial triple threats: functional, fashionable and beneficial to the environment.


Webrus’s line of wooden purses and bags isn’t made from the traditional fabrics or leathers that adorn the shelves of Kate Spade or Prada. Instead, the company’s affordable brand is made from softwood and artificial craft paper, and uses no animal fur.


The Webrus is manufactured using a process that is environmentally sensitive at every stage. The bark for the original cork design is collected from oak trees every nine to ten years. Next, it is dried, cleaned, cut and arranged into diverse patterns. Similarly, the washable craft paper is sourced from natural fiber. Not only is this low-carbon, green material flexible and durable, but it’s degradable, recyclable and harmless to the environment too.


Scoop up pieces in six eye-catching varieties for both men and women. We love the compact Drip style (featuring an adjustable shoulder strap) the party-friendly Mask (complete with an adjustable chain strap), the Wave Time ( it doubles as a handheld bag), the showstopping T-Show and the cute-but-functional Frog backpack.

To start living in a sustainable fashion, check out the Webrus Kickstarter campaign and pledge $39 to nab the Drip bag, the first model that the team designed.

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(Images via Webrus)