As the country moves toward legalizing marijuana in all 50 states, a host of health-conscious cannabis products and businesses like weed-friendly gyms are hitting the market. It seems pretty clear that the weed business is set to boom more than ever before, and while we’ve seen weed bars in place of open bars at weddings in the past, now, entire weed wedding expos are starting to, ahem, crop up as well.


Last year in Denver, the very first Cannabis Wedding Expo took place, and this year it has expanded to include a San Francisco event. The expo features over 50 vendors, ranging from the traditional (though still progressive, obvs) to specialty cannabis companies who can show couples how to “incorporate cannabis into their wedding day in classy and tasteful ways.”

This includes — you guessed it — Budtenders, who create customized weed strain menus and work them into joints, edibles, pipes, vapes, and more to make sure your guests have a safe and great time. You can also find 4/20 friendly makers of custom hemp wedding dresses, decor, and cannabis floral arrangements, and a selection of cannabis-friendly venues, caterers, photographers, and more at the Expo.

The founders of the Cannabis Wedding Expo include Bec Koop and Madlyne Kelly of Colorado’s cannabis-friendly wedding planners Irie Weddings and Events, and Philip Wolf of cannabis tourism company Cultivating Spirits. “As people start to see cannabis as a normal part of daily life, it just makes sense to also have it at your wedding,” Wolf told Broadly at last year’s first Expo in Colorado. “The wedding industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry, and as more states opt for legalization, cannabis will play a big role in it.”

There’s still a long way to go for the stigma around smoking to totally erode, so we probably won’t be seeing weed show up as a Pin-worthy wedding trend just yet, but it doesn’t feel that far off. Check out the Cannabis Wedding Expo in San Francisco on April 30.

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