Hipster-beloved filmmaker Wes Anderson is known and praised for his iconic style (think quirky cinematography, bright pastel colors, wacky characters, peculiar and captivating storylines + upbeat, indie-esque soundtracks). So it’s not surprising that many of his oddly charming characters make for the perfectly unique Halloween costume. Whether you are into his more retro, prep-school flicks or his most recent magical hotel creation, these easy (think: thrift store) getups will help you harness that signature Wes Anderson style and humor.



1. Max Fischer: Harness that inner overachiever with your very own version of Rushmore Preparatory School’s finest. Take it to the next level by partnering up with your own Herman Blume or Rosemary Cross. (via Lonny)

Moonrise Kingdom


2. Suzy Bishop’s Raven: What kind of bird are you? We think Suzy’s fierce raven getup will be just right this Halloween. Pair with all black, a tough-girl attitude and some uber-dramatic eyes to get the look. (via Becuo)


3. Sam and Suzy: Ahh, young love. Perfect as a couple’s costume or individually, these outfits are easy to put together (just head to your local thrift store) and oh-so cute. Bonus points if you reenact the beach dance scene and rock out to Françoise Hardy’s “Les Temps de L’amour.” (via Steffy’s Pros and Cons)

The Grand Budapest Hotel


4. Zero: You will be no zero while donning this fancy purple number. We love the attention to detail here, even down to the red stripe on the jacket. DIY your very own with a purple blazer and pants, red tape, fez cap and letter stickers. (via Brit + Co)


5. Agatha: This resourceful pastry chef costume is almost too cute for words. The box of goodies and birthmark here make it authentic and provide the perfect finishing touch. Pair with Zero above for an adorable couple’s costume. (via Brit + Co)


6. Madame D: This classy old dame sure knows how to get her kicks. Go grandma chic with a gray top knot (sprayed or dyed), a two-piece ensemble and strands upon strands of pearls and costume jewelry. And if you feel like going as a slightly off-kilter couple’s costume, check out how we DIYed Gustave’s look. (via Brit + Co)

The Life Aquatic


7. The Belafonte Crew: This group costume gets major bonus points for the dive suit leotard, Zissou’s deceased BFF and, of course, the perfect pose. Oh, and *finally* a costume with an Anjelika Houston character in it. (via Wes Anderson Theme Party Tumblr)

Jaguar-Shark-Costume-Life-Aquatic-Wes-Anderson copy

8. The Elusive Jaguar Shark: Go solo shark style or pair up with a few other Zissous for the ultimate Life Aquatic tribute. This one might take some sewing skills, but we could also see the famed IKEA shark being crafted into something similar with some fabric paint. (via The Dogs Pollocks)

The Royal Tenenbaums


9. Ari and Uzi Tenenbaum: Possibly the most comfortable costumes ever, these Tenenbaum track suits will fit right in at any Halloween shindig. (via Orange Juice Etc.)


10. Richie and Margot Tenenbaum: These two! Channel that angsty awkward Tenenbaum brother-sister duo with this classic costume. We recommend hitting up Gma’s and Gpa’s closets or your local thrift shop to get the look. (via Costume Pop)

The Darjeeling Limited


11. Francis Whitman: This one’s actually super simple. Just grab your first aid kit, a suit and some leis (or gjaras). (via Orange Juice Etc.)


12. Jack Whitman: This type-A brother is another easy-peasy costume. With a suit, the proper neckware, a faux ‘stache and a perfectly planned itinerary, you’ll be Mr. Jack Whitman in no time. For a terrific trio, add Peter with a gray suit, shades and a snake in a box. (via McAvoy)

The Fantastic Mr. Fox


13. Mr. and Mrs. Fox: If Anderson’s first animated film is your all-time fave, then this is the couple’s costume for you. See how to make those fox-y masks with fake carvable pumpkins here. And if you don’t feel like going all-out fox on this one, a simple paper mask like this one from our girls over at A Beautiful Mess would look just as sweet. (via Tasha Spencer)


14. Kristofferson + Ash: Isn’t this the cutest? You could go full fur with fox and mouse masks, or you could use a beanie or sock cap with face paint underneath. We’re thinking the tails are essential for cuteness though. (via Checkout Girl Crafts)

Which Wes Anderson character are you going to be this Halloween? Any other fun ones that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!