As you may have noticed, we adore new ways of looking at ordinary things. Whether it's a new take on a message in a bottle or the best iPhone alarm dock, we can't get enough of finding projects and gadgets for making everyday essentials not-so-boring. Case in point is our latest nifty style find: Wevther.

Powered by Svpply, Wevther is your forecast delivered in outfit form. It's pretty common practice to check the weather before you jump in the shower so you can brainstorm your ideal outfit for the day while getting sudsy. But what if the weather actually gave you wardrobe ideas? And what if those wardrobe ideas actually sent you to places online where you could purchase these ideal pieces? Brilliant!

Currently, Wevther will show you today's weather and the weather for 3 days in advance. You can choose to "use your location" or simply type in your city, state and zip to get your local forecast.

It's a simple idea with a gorgeously minimal execution. We wholeheartedly give Wevther the Brit & Co. stamp of approval. We're excited to see how the app might evolve to help plan wardrobes for upcoming vacations, camping trips, and more.

What do you think of Wevther? What other cool ways would you like to see your daily forecast? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or come find us on Twitter.