Every girl has milestones in life, rites of passage that define who she is and who she鈥檒l be. There are all of those awkward ones (we鈥檒l stop there), and then there are the super special ones. First kisses, first after-school job, first road trip with no destination in sight taken鈥 you get the picture. Everyone follows different paths, hopping different stepping stones toward the ultimate goal: full-fledged womanhood. However, there is one challenge that no young woman can avoid. The dinner party daunts even the most seasoned hostess of cocktail get-togethers. If your first combined test of culinary brilliance and party-planning grace approaches (in time for Friendsgiving, no less), fear not! Study these tips and arm yourself with the 15 dinner party essentials below and you鈥檙e sure to receive the sash and tiara for 鈥淏est Party-Thrower鈥 in your friend group before the holidays are over.

1. Calligraphy Kit ($24): Go beyond Facebook invitations. Handwrite a personalized card for each member of your squad. You can get 15 percent off when you also sign up for the online class. Score.

2. Lantern String Lights ($38): Who says string lights are just for Christmas? These little lanterns will instantly set the mood for your harvest feast. They also come in different color combinations, so get one for every season.

3. Multi-colored Wall Decals ($30): You don鈥檛 NEED fancy walls for a fierce autumn harvest dinner, but nothing says festive like these removable confetti stick-ons in mustard, pink and taupe.

4. Floral Confetti ($14): Give your party a pop with an eco-friendly version of a classic celebration staple. Dried rose, lilac and hydrangea petals will give your tablescape some serious rustic flair.

5. Fifty Shades of Kale by Drew Ramsey and Jennifer Iserloh ($20): Oh kale yeah! If the leafy green isn鈥檛 on your plate, is it even a feast?

6. Bourbon Marshmallows ($8): Plop these bad boys on sweet potatoes and bake for a boozy version of what mama used to make. We鈥檒l keep it a secret if you sneak a few before your squad arrives ;)

7. DIY Bacon Kit ($24): Yeah, bacon *may* not be that great for us, but we鈥檒l still wrap it around figs or crumble it on Brussels sprouts. Or really anything, TBH. #truelove

8. Rosemary Beer Bread ($8): No fall feast is complete without gluttony, and carbs are without a doubt the tastiest of temptations. Complete your spread with a loaf of sourdough baked with your favorite brew.

9. Anti-Hangover Cocktail Mixer ($23): Nothing beats celebratory libations with your crew, but don鈥檛 let the next day鈥檚 headaches get in the way of your dinner party memories. Your guests will thank you.

10. Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker ($29): Whether you鈥檙e the next great mixologist or a passionate newbie, a host must have her cocktail shaker.

11. Jigger ($9): Unless your eye-balling abilities are on point, this bar tool is your best bet for cocktails as perfect as your grandma鈥檚 pumpkin pie. (Fingers crossed she鈥檒l finally give you the recipe!)

12. Lomo鈥橧nstant Camera ($119): Before this sophisticated gadget, there was the Polaroid, and for the nostalgic millennial, this is the perfect party trick. You may not be able to instantly share your gal pal鈥檚 killer toast (or her stunning outfit for that matter), but you can stick the photos on your fridge or send them home as party favors.

13. Hot Chocolate on a Stick ($15): Just add hot milk and stir for classic fall flavors in a cup. Dark chocolate hazelnut, milk chocolate pumpkin spice and white chocolate apple cider 鈥 we鈥檒l have one of each!

14. Artisan S鈥檓ores Kit ($19): Flakey pie crust too daunting for your first dinner party? S鈥檓ores have equally autumnal vibes, and let鈥檚 be real 鈥 artisan graham crackers and chocolate might just be better than pumpkin filling.

15. Tasty Tea Towels ($24): The kitchens of big families and big friend groups alike take some serious damage during the holidays. Prepare for the worst with hand towels that鈥檒l give you the boost to get through that sink full of dishes.

What must-haves will be in your Friendsgiving spread? Let us know in the comments.