Listen up wine lovers, if you’re breaking open a few bottles of wine for Valentine’s Day, get ready for a visual overload of red and white—in your glasses and decanters, on your table setting, and in the romantic DIY decor you so carefully crafted. But since we’re firm believers in leaving no color behind, we’re here to spice up your date night color scheme with these 12 cool and colorful wine accessories. Whether it’s a corkscrew bursting with vibrant color or a wine stopper made out of gorgeously carved wood, these kitchen gadgets bridge the gap between design and utility, which not only puts a smile on our face, but will help you see the world in more than red and white ;)

1. Rabbit Wine Bottle Stoppers Set of 2 ($5): We’ll start with what might be the most colorful wine stoppers on the planet. The cone-shaped rubber stoppers feature flexible ribs that ensure your leftover wine stays as fresh as ever and come in an array of neon colors.

2. Kate Spade New York Two of a Kind Bottle Stopper and Corkscrew Set ($50): Since you and your boo tag teamed the party prep, let this dashingly decked out couple man the bar all night long.

3. Parrot Corkscrew Multi ($63): The standard double hinged bartender’s corkscrew just got the makeover of a lifetime with this colorful confetti print. We need a few of these to brighten up the Brit HQ bar!

4. Leather Corkscrew Pouch ($28): You’re gonna need somewhere special to store that flashy new corkscrew, like this beautiful royal blue leather pouch. Seriously, Bottle Stock has some of the coolest wine accessories around.

5. Napa Valley Wine Tote ($15): If you carefully choose your wine based on location, then you should use that same reasoning when choosing the wine tote. If that’s case, check out Maptote: a Brooklyn-based company that makes 100 percent cotton (and denim!) wine totes adorned with adorable illustrations like maps of popular wine cities and regions. Want.

6. Bottle Rock Faceted Walnut Wine Bottle Stopper ($22): Beautiful black walnut wood is expertly cut into gemstone cork stoppers that surely look as breathtaking as the real thing. They’re a must have for the modern wine connoisseur, though we might paint a few facets gold once we have our hands on ’em :)

7. Single Bottle Leather Wine Tote Tie-Dye ($95): A tie dyed leather wine tote? We’ll take two!

8. Copper Wine Cooler ($49): Let’s face it, you’re really only going to need one wine bucket ever, right? When the time comes, channel your inner Tom Haverford and treat yourself to this stunning copper cooler.

9. Carat Kairo Wine Stopper ($55): Even though we’re color obsessed, we can appreciate the sleek design of this gorgeous onyx colored wine stopper. It’s definitely the most goth-friendly way to re-cork your wine.

10. Corkscrew Sweet Tart ($18): Hold the phone: a color block corkscrew? We’re in love… but it gets even better: this model comes in glittery and metallic dipped finishes. Bottle Stock, you’ve officially won our hearts.

11. Prism Corkscrew ($20): This little piece of hardwood has a big secret: it’s stashing a corkscrew in between its octagonal cut walls, proving once again that design and utility are one of the coolest couples around.

12. Circa Foilcutter ($7): No, these aren’t 3D printed Pac-Men. These tropical colored tools are actually clippers that easily remove the foil from the wine bottle. Now that we know these exist, we’re gonna need one in every color!

What are your go-to wine accessories? Would you splurge on a nice corkscrew or do you stick to bar basics? Tell us in the comments below.