The colder months ahead mean it鈥檚 time to embrace your holiday Starbucks drink addiction聽and聽break out your winter outerwear. Those long jackets, warm sweaters and snuggly boots are making their way out of hibernation and into your day-to-day outfits for good reason. While these items keep us warm when the temps dip, they aren鈥檛 the easiest to store.

To help prevent an avalanche of outerwear in your small space, we tapped someone who鈥檚 an expert at organizing closet space.聽Corri McFadden, the founder and owner of the online consignment service eDrop-Off, spilled the best聽tips to help you understand how to best tackle the woes that come with storing winter聽weather gear and make the most of your space with the items that you鈥檒l be sporting during the chilly months.


1. Think outside the box with layers.聽We all have a handful of items in our closets that are our *faves* regardless of what weather is brewing outside. That summery tank top you wear every year at the beach? Don鈥檛 think that you can鈥檛 make it work during the colder months聽too, Corri said. Layering is the answer to these season-to-season transitions, which can bring a lot of personality into your day-to-day look. So, have fun with how you can get extra life out of your favorite warm-weather pieces yearlong.

2. Toss what you really don鈥檛 wear 鈥 and show no mercy.聽It鈥檚 hard to throw out clothes that you once loved. But let鈥檚 face it: City girls often live in small spaces聽without a ton of closet space, so Corri suggests only keeping items that you *actually* wear in your closet and consigning or donating the rest. Haven鈥檛 worn it since last season? BYE. You鈥檒l become addicted to the satisfaction that comes with purging clothes in no time.


3. Get creative when it comes to storing your outerwear.聽Closet real estate always seems to be taken when you need it most (aka you just bought an amazing new jacket), so use unconventional ways to stash your threads. 鈥淎lways look up! Most people view their closets from left to right but you should also look at what vertical length you can work with.鈥 If you have a closet, consider adding a second rod above or below what you currently have. If you don鈥檛 have a closet (like me!) you can create one along the length of a bare wall in your room (landlord-permitting, of course) by mounting shelves with rods on the bottom or purchasing a clothing rack to give your puffer jackets room to breathe.

4. Find your ideal organization method and then go deeper.聽Some people love organizing items by color, while others opt for season or style. Once you鈥檝e nailed down your organization pref, Corri says you should challenge yourself聽to take it a step further by organizing by garment type. 鈥淕roup heavier coats and thicker sweaters together, while lightweight jackets and warm weather clothes can be grouped together.鈥

5. Make room for must-have key pieces and re-work the rest.聽Statement jacket? Check. Down coat? Got it. Tailored blazer? Yup. Once you have your can鈥檛-live-without-it winter-weather staples, give them priority placement in your closet. They deserve it ;) and you鈥檒l want them to be as easy to access as possible since you鈥檒l be wearing 鈥榚m a lot.

What are your winter weather wear must-haves and tips to store them? Share your thoughts in the comments below.