We’re loving the resurgence of natural materials on the style front. We’ve already shown you 30 ways to rock some serious rocks, gems, and stones, and now we’re onto our next material. Wood!

The question is: Wood you wear any of the accessories on this list? ;)

1. Golden Glacier Totem Necklace ($72): This beautiful lineup of blocks makes us think of our Jenga necklace rack… in necklace form!

2. Wooden Oval Necklace: Wooden ovals are made to look super fancy with help from a gold paint pen. This method could also be applied to an existing wooden accessory. (via Kaam Handmade)

3. Laser Cut Wood Cuffs ($65): We are seriously counting down the days until we get a laser cutter at Brit HQ. The cutout patterns on these cuffs are amazing.

4. Wooden Diamond ($17): All you need is a little sandpaper to make your own faceted wooden pendant. And you should probably know your way around a can of antiquing paint.

5. Square Bangles: You know we love a color dip! We’re digging the sort of ’60s mod squad style of this set of bangles. (via Warm Hot Chocolate)

6. Dipped Dagger ($48): Speaking of doing da dip, this dangerous dagger makes for a powerful color combo.

7. Painted Blocks Pendant: Okay wait, this one really is like a wearable Jenga set! A teeny tiny drill bit is most certainly required. (via Lulu the Baker)

8. Color-Dipped Wooden Beads: The color-dipped look is always a surefire way to transform just about anything from standard to trendy by way of the color block trend. It might be cool to try doing the same thing with all sorts of different sized beads and more angular designs. (via Swallow’s Heart)

9. Half Moon Walnut Necklace ($80): Look familiar? Maybe if you spent the weekend with us at Re:Make! This laser cut beauty is one of many irresistible objects by Bird of Virtue.

10. Branch Bracelet: How did this DIYer find such a perfect bracelet branch? (via Knock On Wood)

11. Carved Wood Tassel Necklace ($90): When in doubt, put a tassel on it!

12. Handmade Wooden Bangles: For a seriously rustic and bohemian look, use a wood burning tool to create custom designs. (via Alisa Burke)

13. Grass Ring ($38): How cute is this? It reminds us of those succulent planter necklaces that were the bee’s knees a year or so ago.

14. Brass Wood Statement Ring: This boss-looking ring is way easier to make than you think. Simply glue a wooden heart to a ring base and paint the whole darn thing with brass paint! (via Luri and Wilma)

15. Patterned Bangles ($22): We love the mix-matchy look of all these bangles pile together. Might have to try our hand at DIYing something similar!

16. Painted Wood Bead Necklace: Create more texture by painting (or staining) your standard wooden craft beads. (via The Most Delightful Adventure)

17. Brass and Gold Charm Bracelet ($10): Does a two-charm situation still qualify as a charm bracelet? Charmed, I’m sure ;)

18. Light Blue and Wood Statement Necklace ($81): This layered geometric necklace almost looks antique. We love the juxtaposition of metal chain with lightly painted wood.

19. Wooden Rings: This may be DIY but it definitely requires a friend with power tools. Love how rich the colors can be at such a small size. (via Merry Thought)

20. Saros Zebrawood Studs ($26): Last, studs! Well, stud earrings ;)

What do you think of the wooden jewelry trend? Here to stay or on the way out? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.