We love drooling over high-end kitchens as much as the next person, but that doesn鈥檛 mean we always have the wide-open budget for a floor-to-ceiling transformation. But what if we told you there鈥檚 a happy medium between spendy renovations and affordable ones, and the secret ingredient is none other than our beloved IKEA? Our jaws dropped when we saw Alison Wu of Wu Haus鈥 wow-worthy new space鈥 and then dropped again when we found out that those incredible muted sage cabinets aren鈥檛 even that pricey.

鈥淐ustom cabinetry is so expensive,鈥 says Wu, 鈥渟o I decided I wanted an affordable cabinet option. I found SemiHandmade via Instagram, and I was so impressed with how custom the cabinets could look without breaking the bank.鈥 Wu鈥檚 kitchen combines all the It-hues and finishes we鈥檝e been drooling over, creating a look that certainly *seems* custom but is actually helped out by a secret weapon: IKEA.

Think of SemiHandmade as the ultimate expansion pack for regular IKEA cabinetry. Their custom doors and enviable hardware are paired with IKEA鈥檚 cabinets to transform the workhorse configurations into something that feels glam and high-end. The result? A genius IKEA hack to call your own and way more $$$ for the rest of your remodel. 鈥淚t gave us room in our budget to splurge on pieces like the SMEG fridge, the marble countertops, and the Park Studio hardware,鈥 says Wu. (And let鈥檚 be honest, the SMEG really makes the room pop.)

The serene color palette (as well as the genius storage space for all manner of powders and tinctures) was informed by Wu鈥檚 site. 鈥淢y inspiration came mostly from my brand and blog, Wu Haus. I wanted a space where I was inspired to create new recipes and content and a space that reflected my personal brand. I also wanted the design elements to flow with the rest of the house and feel modern yet warm and playful,鈥 Wu says. The effect is a soothing environment where Wu can scheme up new ideas and recipes for her readers, then easily store everything away in a way that鈥檚 practical for her life. 鈥淚 do all the recipe development and content creation for my blog in this space, so I wanted the space to be beautiful and functional. I wanted it to flow, and for the organization to make sense,鈥 she notes.

And while we haven鈥檛 seen this of-the-moment blush hue used in kitchens much before, we have to admit that it totally works in this space. Brass hardware makes the overall look feel grown-up and feminine. And Wu鈥檚 kitchen proves once and for all that metal-mixing is definitely allowed.

Color us obsessed because this may be the most gorgeous kitchen we鈥檝e seen in a long time, and the fact that it was budget-friendly just seals the deal. 鈥淚t went from a vision in my mind to a physical space I spend many hours of my day in,鈥 Wu says. 鈥淚 really love every single part about it!鈥

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(Images via Wu Haus)