The leaves may be a-fallin’, but that doesn’t mean you should retire your grill just yet. Keep that summer feeling going all year long with this collection of 10 yummy yakitori recipes. Given our affinity for food on sticks, it’s probably no surprise that we’re totally enamored with these Japanese skewers. For those of you who lack the space for a full-sized grill, check out this hack for one that fits on a table top!

1. Negima: These chicken and spring onion yakitori are a must-try classic. Also included is a hack for transforming a cinderblock into a charcoal grill! (via Nicolai Eats)

2. Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus Yakitori: For those of us without access to a grill-friendly space, these oven-baked bundles are a terrific choice. (via Pickled Plum)

3. Tsukune: We’re loving these chicken meatballs brushed with a thick, teriyaki-esque glaze. (via Just One Cookbook)

4. Japanese Chicken Skewers: Skewering the chicken and veggies separately means everything is cooked just so. Bonus: The whole shebang is totally fat free. (via Funny Love)

5. Smoked Eggplant-Date Yakitori: Somehow, this recipe manages to pack sweet, sour, salty, smokey and spicy flavors all onto one single skewer. (via Chubby Vegetarian)

6. Salmon-Asparagus Yakitori: Try out this healthy-yet-flavorful recipe for grilled, glazed salmon. (via Yummy)

7. Pork Belly Shiso Yaki: These sprials achieve out-of-this-world flavor with only two ingredients. (via Lady and Pups)

8. Japanese-style Rib Eye Skewers: Enjoy these beef skewers marinated in a blend of ginger, garlic, soy, sesame oil and a splash of lime juice. They take barely any time to cook at all, and that’s a-okay in our book. (via The Birthday Dinner)

9. Mixed Mushroom Yakitori: Mushrooms are a terrific stand-in for meat in these vegan-friendly yakitori. (via Home Skillet)

10. Asparagus and Chicken Skin Yakitori: Featuring arguably the best part of a roasted chicken — the crispy skin — this recipe alternates the meat with layers of asparagus spears to keep things from being too indulgent. (via Mummy I Can Cook)

Have you ever tried to make yakitori at home? Let’s chat in the comments!