You’ve busted out the flip flops, sunscreen and are already sporting all your favorite sundresses. Summer’s just about here, and it’s time to get your barbecue on. Whether you’re a country gal or an urbanite, we’ve rounded up a dozen awesome grills ready to handle all those hot dogs, hamburgers, veggie kebabs, and cobs of corn.

1. FireSense Notebook Charcoal Grill ($32): Great for the city dweller who has to head to the park or suburbs to grill it up, the notebook grill folds flat to just 1 inch thick and takes a simple two steps to set up.

2. Bodum Fyrkat Grill ($40): This portable grill is fiery orange and sits securely above any surface in its small steel base. Just over 13 inches in diameter, this little puppy can accommodate whole fish, burgers, steaks and more. Whip up a batch of baseball jello shots, and you’ve got a rockin’ San Francisco Giants tailgate party.

3. Fuego Element Portable Gas Grill ($150): Do you wear your love of bbq on your sleeve? How ’bout carrying it on your shoulder?

4. Kettle Pizza Grill Kit ($150): Already have a classic Weber charcoal grill and a love for brick oven pizza? This pizza kit doesn’t include bricks, but it does turn any 22 1/2 inch charcoal grill into a fully functional pizza oven. Molto delicioso!

5. BBQ Bruce Handrail Grill ($77): Have a tiny balcony, fire escape, or window you call your yard? Then you’ll definitely want to snag this ridiculously handy handrail grill!

6. Grill Dome ($800): This ceramic grill can grill, smoke, roast, and bake just about anything. Featuring the thickest ceramic walls of any ceramic grill on the market, this hefty sucker is big enough to roast a 30lb turkey but is also totally handy for small jobs. Once you cook a big fat brick chicken in the dome, you may toss your oven to the wind.

7. SmokinTex Smoker ($600): You don’t have to fly to Texas to get yourself some authentic smokey barbecue. With this sizable electric smoker, you can slow-cook beef, pork and poultry to perfection in the comfort of your own yard. All you need is wood chips and an outlet!

8. Konro Charcoal BBQ Grill ($123): Don’t have a backyard for grillin’? Or want a dose of smokiness in the winter months? This small Japanese ceramic grill sits sweetly in the middle of your dinner table, and can cook up skewers of yakitori, grilled fruit, and, of course, is perfect for s’mores!

9. Cobb Premier Portable Grill ($150): This super efficient bit of grilling innovation is made of stainless steel, takes just a handful of charcoal, and comes with a handy carrying bag for all your outdoor adventures. Best of all, the unique design allows fats and greases to drain without dripping onto the charcoal, creating a virtually smoke-free grill.

10. Grill / Fondue Pot ($35): What’s one surefire way to take your grill to the next level? Add a built-in fondue pot! Get your bread toasty and your veggies roasty before cheesing it up.

11. Fyrkat BBQ Cone Charcoal Grill ($260): Another colorful Fyrkat from Bodum, this conical grill with stainless steel spit is stylish and ideal for roasting veggies, kebabs, or even an itty bitty cornish game hen.

12. The Art of Barbecue Grill 300 ($3,240): And finally, a super designy take on the ‘cue. This sleek number is designed with a minimalist aesthetic and would look right at home in the backyard of Apple HQ.

What are your favorite barbecue recipes? Got a sweet portable or super modern grill we should know about? Leave us a note in the comments below or find us on Twitter. Happy Summer!