Proms are so elaborate these days. Used to be, we’d just pal up with our science-lab partner and if a little outside-of-the-classroom chemistry combusted, all the better. But now there are “promposals”. Yikes. And they’re filmed. And shared. Dress shopping, hair and makeup, even stretch Hummers and such. Sheesh. All that planning takes so much time and effort. The ladies are pinning and sharing months, even sometimes a year, in advance. So, even though prom isn’t until fall, prom inspo is breaking out all over our Instagram and Pinterest right now. Some of the dresses we’re seeing are super spendy for a one-time event. One way to make that gown pay for itself, is to find a dress that will work for multiple occasions. Here are 23 prom dresses that we would totally wear right now — some as low as $44 — and any one of them would be perfect also for a wedding or other social event.

Another way to save beaucoup bucks is to DIY your prom. Not only does it cut costs, but it will also make your prom special and more personal. You’re going to be remembering this event for a long time, so own it, sister! From makeup to shoes to bag to flowers, here are 10 things for prom that you can totally DIY— and one is even a tea-length tulle skirt that will totally work for prom.

Geneva at Pair and a Spare sewed this elegant tulle skirt using a classic circle-skirt pattern, which you can download from her blog. And you don’t need mad seamstress skills, as the elastic-waist garment is beginner-friendly. You’ll need about 5-1/2 yards of tulle, some lining fabric such as satin and, of course, a sewing machine.

We love the way Geneva has paired her girly tulle skirt and lacy deconstructed tee with a leather bomber jacket. Leather and lace. The bomb for prom!

Are you DIYing your prom? Tag us on Instagram @britandco. We want to see!

(Photo via A Pair and a Spare)