Do you love your job, eagerly waking up each day to dive right back into the groove? Or do you despise your gig, groaning at even the thought of clocking back in? Though there are ways to improve your sitch no matter how you feel about your job, there are some places that just offer more perks for their employees than others. Check out which will be the best places to work in 2017 and which employer who was once among the best plummeted HARD.

According to Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work US, the #1 place to work in 2017 will be…



That’s right. Facebook isn’t only a helluva way to stay connected and waste a little (or a lot of) time, it’s also a great place to be employed. Facebook’s Head of People (gotta love that title), Lori Matloff Goler, told TechCrunch that the company wants to be known as an employer that “takes good care of its people overall.”

She added, “Most employees speak favorably about their ability to have a real impact here. Many talk about the flexibility in the way we work. Your manager is there to care for you, set context and help you play to your strengths, give you feedback and goals, but let you do whatever you need to get there. It’s not about how much time you spend in the office. This is great for families but was inspired by engineers who, as you know, like to or need to work at different hours and are not seated at their desks all the time.” Sounds pretty darn great.

Other big names like Google, LinkedIn and Adobe made up 20 of the tech companies that made the list, along with Zillow, Apple and Microsoft.


But not all companies were feeling love from the list. Airbnb plummeted massively (34 spots, to be exact) which was, according to employees, apparently due to “an increasing amount of bureaucracy and decreasing amount of transparency from senior leaders” as the business continues to grow and expand.

Good ratings or bad, 2017 is the perfect time for all of these companies to improve their employees’ experiences, which ends up being in the best interest of everyone and everything, business and individuals alike.

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(h/t TechCrunch; photos via Tetra Images/Getty)