Brunch, much like rosé and The Bachelor, is considered to be (by the grossly misinformed) basic. Well, if basic means delicious, fun, and beloved by everyone, then sure — count us in. While we can understand some brunch backlash (nobody likes waiting for a table while recovering from the night before), this mid-morning meal is pretty perfect, combining the best foods from breakfast and lunch with boozy cocktails and our besties. The only issue we have is choosing what to order. Oh, same? Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve just paired every zodiac sign with their perfect brunch dish. Dig in!

ARIES (March 21 – APRIL 19)

Cast iron dish of shakshuka on a wooden cutting board with fresh tomatoes and herbs

Shakshuka: Bold, fiery, and full of flavor: Are we talking about you or this increasingly popular Middle Eastern egg dish? Both, of course! Your big, pioneering personality demands an equally interesting and powerful brunch dish, and we think shakshuka — with its subtly spicy tomato sauce, bright herb accompaniment, and perfectly poached eggs — is just the ticket.


french toast

French Toast: Comforting and homey, French toast is exactly what you want to wake up to on a sleepy Sunday morning. Whether its the high thread count of your sheets or the decadent batter of your brunch, any Taurus is happiest when you’re indulging, so slather on more maple syrup for some extra self-care. (You deserve it.)


chicken and waffles

Chicken and Waffles: Your natural need for constant stimulation makes you one indecisive brunch date. With so many options on the menu, how are you supposed to choose a single thing to eat for the most important meal of the day? Ah, but that’s where chicken and waffles come in. Salty and sweet, breakfast and lunch, these two complementary foods aptly appeal to your dual nature.


eggs benedict

Eggs Benedict: There’s nothing like hosting an amazing meal with a few friends to wind down your weekend, and you’re all about keeping it simple yet elegant when you’re the one in the kitchen. (And you’re always the one in the kitchen.) Once you get your poaching technique down, eggs Benedict is a quick, crowd-pleasing option that both is filling and feels indulgent.


Toast with slices of avocado and fresh greens on a black slate

Avocado Toast: Not to brag, but you’re basically the most popular sign of the zodiac, aren’t you, Leo? You’ve got a naturally sunny disposition that attracts people to you, and no doubt you feed off that attention. So, of course, you have to order avocado toast at brunch — it’s the only content more well-liked on Insta than your selfies!



Omelette: A pillowy-soft scramble, subtly sautéed mushrooms, a generous sprinkling of cheese — there’s no messing with the best, and at brunch time, a simple omelette definitely earns that label. Your continual quest for perfection is well-documented, Virgo, so we don’t really have to tell you twice just how delish this morning classic can be.

LIBRA (September 23 – OCTOBER 22)

bagels and lox

Bagels and Lox: The Sunday crossword, a freshly brewed espresso, just-baked bagels, and fresh lox — are you still in bed dreaming, or is this real life? You’re charmed by good taste and understated elegance, which is exactly what a bagels-and-lox brunch conveys. And yes, you’ll take a mimosa too — hold the orange juice.


huevos rancheros

Huevos Rancheros: A little spice first thing in the morning never hurt anyone, right Scorpio? Whether it’s your disarmingly mysterious morning vibe or the jalapeños in the huevos rancheros, we’ll never know for sure, but we’re definitely down as your brunch date anytime you’re craving good conversation and salsa-topped eggs and beans.


Breakfast Burrito: If it weren’t for your location tagging on Instagram, it would be impossible to keep up with your jet-set lifestyle. And as you’re roaming across the globe in search of the next great adventure, one thing remains constant no matter where you are: a satisfying, filling breakfast burrito. It’s universal brunch language that everyone can agree on, no matter what country you’re currently in.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – JANUARY 19)

eggs and bacon

Eggs and Bacon: Classics are classics for a reason, right Cap? Traditionalist as you are, you just don’t see the point in deviating from what you know works — and eggs and bacon (or veggie strips) definitely work. Add in some hash browns and buttered toast, and you’re set for every Sunday brunch from here till eternity.


hamburger and fries

Hamburger and Fries: You find the traditional concept of brunch to be a bore, which makes sense, since as an Aquarius you’re not into anything mainstream (even your mid-morning meal). No one is going to tell you what to eat and when, so when your BFFs inevitably guilt you into a brunch date, pancakes need not apply: You’re better off choosing a juicy burger and salty fries.

PISCES (February 19 – MARCH 20)

granola and fruit

Fruit and Granola: With your head forever in the clouds, there’s no way you’re ordering anything to weigh you down first thing in the morning. Fresh, juicy fruit and hearty, healthy granola helps keep your mind active and your body energized, so you can keep your lines of intuition open and clear, without the worry of a sugar-and-carb-induced haze heading your way.

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