If you’ve been perusing Brit + Co. for a while, then you know we’re all about quirky products. So it should come as no surprise that the brand Quirky is right up our alley!

If you’re not familiar with Quirky, it’s time for you to add it to your tech gadget rotation. It’s a crowd-sourced community where anyone can submit a product idea, fellow members of the Quirky community can vote and comment on whether to not it should be manufactured, and then folks everywhere can buy it.

Today in the world of Quirky, we’re all about their latest and greatest gadgets for hackers and foodies. Here we go!

First, for the hackers.

1. Pivot Power Mini ($25): This little dude is basically a surge protector that you can easily carry wherever you go. It’s got two three-prong outlets as well as two USB ports, making it easy to charge all your devices no matter where you are. Great for travel.

2. Quirky Label Shirts ($15): Gotta get your merch! We love the simplicity of these inspiring tees.

3. Pegit ($40): We can’t help but try to make a play on MC Hammer’s 2 Legit 2 Quit here… but we’ll resist. This iPhone case employs a pegboard design to support six interchangeable panels so you can change up the colors and look of your case in just a few quick snaps.

4. Folio ($40): Or go for the Folio which also happens to store your earbuds and all your cash and cards. You know we love a three-in-one! :)

5. Props ($6): We wrote about this back when it was a concept, and now it’s real! It’s a simple way to keep your headphones around your neck when you can’t always have them in your ears, like croakies for your earbuds.

And now, onto the foodies!

6. Pluck ($13): Huzzah! It’s an egg white separator!

7. Stem ($5): Ok ok, we’ve written about this one before… but it’s that awesome. Take any citrus fruit, push the stem into it, and spray away.

8. Scoop ($7): This little doodad makes it easy to scoop the exact amount of spread you want, and turns into a spreading knife in a jiffy. This is particularly great for folks who are tracking their nutrition.

9. Silo ($40): Speaking of making sure you get that perfect amount, silo is all about portion control. Each set comes with 3 containers, allowing you to measure out 1 cup, 1/2 cup, or 1 teaspoon. Great for morning routines and healthy resolutions.

10. Mocubo ($40): Another one you may have seen before, this modular cutting board is incredibly handy, especially when summer rolls around.

For more Quirky goodness, check out our previous roundup of all things techie, including 5 different ways to organize your cords!

What are your favorite online sites and/or shops for finding new gadgets? Share links with us in the comments below.