Ah, spring cleaning — the golden ritual that gives our homes and lives a MAJOR post-winter pick-me-up. We know we’ll feel incredible when all of the scrubbing and decluttering is done, but getting motivated to take on the task is no simple feat. Instead of getting overwhelmed, why not call in the troops and host a spring cleaning party with your squad? Your sweet crew and these 12 picks and tricks are all you’ll need to tidy like a pro in a snap. Then you can move along to the next house and do it all over again (with cocktails, of course).

1. Printable Spring Cleaning Checklist: First thing’s first: You’ll need a checklist to keep you and your helpers organized. Depending on the size of your group, you can assign each person a room to tackle, or pair people off to move things along — four hands are better than two, no? Download it for free here!

2. DIY All-Natural Disinfectant Spray: You’ll obvi need some #greengoddess-approved supplies to clean with, and we love the idea of having some of your gal pals whip up an all-natural disinfectant while you declutter. With just four natural ingredients, it’s a cinch to make and safe enough for guests with sensitive skin. (via A Real-Life Housewife)

3. DIY Cleaning Wipes: For larger areas, such as the floor, you can make these natural cleaning wipes that double as Swiffer pads. The only thing standing between you and the most shiny-clean floors you’ve ever seen are some colorful washcloths (the brighter, the better) and a few basic ingredients. (via Live Simply)

4. From My Sewing Corner Spring Banner ($14): Keep your eye on the prize with this playful banner. The bright colors and fun patterns will remind you and your crew of all the springy vibes you’re working toward as you tidy up.

5. DIY Color Dipped Clothes Pins: Don’t just hang your #fashionista attire on any old clothes pins. These dip-dyed cuties will give your line a little flair and make hanging laundry a touch more fun. (via Creative Soul Spectrum)

6. DIY Spotty Dotty Apron: You don’t want to send your friends home dirty after they’ve come to help you clean. Keep their outfits looking fresh with these adorable aprons and have them double as cute and functional party favors! (via Sew and So)

7. DIY Watercolor Headband: No lady on a mission has time for hair to get in her way. Pull it back and look haute in these watercolor headbands as you and your besties get down to business. Plus, you can be confident that you’ll be sending your guests home in style at the end of the day. (via Bespoke Bride)

8. DIY Easy Daisy Cookies: Alternatively, there’s these adorable, springy AF cookies that are perfect for a yummy, afternoon snack. (via Easybaked)

9. DIY Clothesline Photo Display: Nifty pieces like this are perf for getting those piles of papers off of your desk, but still in plain sight. Snap a few fun Polaroids throughout the day and string ‘em up to keep the group momentum going. (via Fresh Crush)

10. DIY Fabric Covered Broom: No boring brooms here! Your partygoers will be fighting over sweeping duties, thanks to this eye-popping, fabric-covered corn brush. (via Earnest Home Company)

11. Glam Gloves ($9): Scrubbing just got a whole lot more stylish with this assorted pack of pretty, multi-colored latex gloves. They’ve got sassy prints on the cuffs, so we def won’t blame you if you can’t resist buying a few sets.

12. Lemon Drop Cocktail: Wash all that deliciousness down and keep spirits high with some yummy lemon drop spirits, or, as recipe author Kathy of Lemon Blossoms calls it, “sunshine in a glass.” Pro tip? Sugar your rim for an extra classy touch. Is it break time yet? (via Lemon Blossoms)

Will you throw a spring cleaning party? Tell us your tips or spring cleaning tricks @BritandCo.