Guys, we are getting so excited. Halloween is right around the corner! Pumpkins and sweets and parties, oh my! Even though Halloween is one of those holidays where we all dress to impress, we know you don’t always have time to stun in a DIY number. That’s why we’ve compiled this huge list of awesome costumes you can snag in a sec. Get holiday ready in just one click!

1. Pop Art ($55): We love DIY art costumes, but if you’re in a real hurry and still looking to be as pretty as a picture (or comic), this costume’s got you covered.

2. Frozen‘s Elsa ($170): Our new favorite Disney princess may be an obvious choice, but look at that bling! Girlfriend’s got it going on.

3. Cher from Clueless ($90): This is one costume that will never go out of style. If Iggy can rock it, you can, too.

4. Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora ($50): We all loved the movie (Chris Pratt, anyone?), so taking home the costume is a wonderful nerdy dream. Now you just need to find a friend to be your Groot.

5. Zombie Bride ($49): This Halloween costume will eternally be a classic, because, let’s be real, even the undead need some love.

6. Nicki Minaj ($40): Strike a pose and channel your favorite rap goddess in this leopard bodysuit. Of course, it never hurts to have your trusty sidekick present.

7. Flo ($40): What started off as another annoying insurance commercial has officially become a national sensation. Who wouldn’t want to be a confident, all-knowing (and positive) lady?

8. Stormtrooper ($44): Apparently, there’s this little series that is coming back to theaters. You may have heard of it… Star Wars?

9. Daenerys Qarth ($60): Take a walk in your favorite dragon caretaker’s sandals with this beautiful dress.

10. Wonder Woman ($45): Sexy? Confident? Powerful? Wonder woman will always be our #wcw.

11. Lisa Frank X UO Hunter Leopard ($80): Get the whole crew involved with a throwback costume to #win ALL throwback costumes.

12. Ezio ($160): Suit up in your warrior garb, and prepare for an evening of awesomeness.

13. Riveting Rosie ($42): It isn’t always easy being a lady, but when you’re dressing as Rosie the Riveter, you’ll be unstoppable.

14. Jasmine ($65): A thick side braid and a sky-blue two piece? The only thing this costume is missing is a cuddly tiger.

15. Lethal Beauty ($45): If you have a green thumb and an attraction to the dark side, we promise you can’t go wrong with this villainous number.

16. Zombie ($39): Terrify (and surprise) your friends with this gruesome costume that was practically plucked straight from a horror film.

17. Dazzling Flapper ($50): Step back into the roaring ’20s with this shimmering, jaw-dropping dress.

18. Apple ($40): This one’s a must for any Apple-holics. Turn it into a couples costume with a fellow iPhone or competitor Droid ;)

19. Zombie Nurse ($32): We don’t trust the nurse, but we seriously trust the awesome undead-ness that is this costume.

20. Retro Stewardess ($35): Modern airlines may be universally loathed, but back when Pan Am was hitting the skies, well… let’s just the skies were bluer.

21. Walking Dead Michonne ($25): Kicking butt and taking names — with a costume inspired by one of our favorite shows, you’ll be fighting the good fight!

22. Twister ($24): Well, we’ve seen it all. You can now wear one of your favorite childhood games as a costume. You’re welcome.

23. Day of the Dead ($55): If you’re feeling as inspired as we are by Dia de los Muertos, then you need to get this costume. Like, now.

24. Cat Suit ($37): Whether you’re a bad-guy-fighting heroine or just a friend of felines, this costume is a perfect foundation for your creativity to flow.

25. Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat ($70): Looking for a different sort of cat? Step one! Step two! Step three! Step eight! Step away from the normal with a costume that’s great! (You’ll get double points if you can keep up the rhyming all night.)

26. Edward Scissorhands ($33): Johnny Depp doesn’t have anything on this terrifyingly shredded outfit. Holiday haircut, anyone?

27. Pac Man – Pinky ($20): It’s not always bad to be Pac Man’s enemy when you’re adorning this simple, pretty pink dress.

28. Maleficent ($98): Keep your favorite Angeline Jolie movie alive with this dark but beautiful costume. The horns give you a touch of spooky evil, but we know the rest of you is all good.

29. Sally ($50): We don’t want to jump the holiday shark; we just want to help you shock friends with how well you can pull off the rag-doll look.

30. Elphaba ($180): Bring Broadway to the streets with this gorgeous dress that is more sass than spook. We guess that’s why we like it!

31. Wilma Flinstone ($45): This cartoon costume is straight out of the stone age. Fruity pebbles not included.

32. Rockabilly Zombie ($34): No, it’s not your imagination. Rockabilly is making a comeback. And by that, we mean a comeback to life with this costume.

33. Candy Corn ($25): We guarantee you will be practically irresistible in this delicious Halloween candy costume.

34. 1920s Coco Flapper ($49): This elegant flapper dress is timeless. Meaning, we won’t blame you if you happen to wear it past October 31th.

35. I Love Lucy ($37): Confident, funny women always inspire us.

36. Grecian Goddess ($55): This divine dress will have the heavens opening up for you all night. Or, at least have mere mortals giving you the envy eye.

37. Green Grapes ($100): This costume proves to the naysayers that fruit does have a place in a candy-dominated holiday.

38. Spongebob ($55): As we’ve learned from recent NYFW trends, Spongebob is a pop culture icon that will never die (and that’s how we like it).

39. Totally Tubular ’80s Tina ($50): Yes, this is a costume. Yes, we wish this is what our closets still looked like.

40. Sexy Leg Lamp ($25): Light up the whole room with this glorious, yet hilarious costume. Props to those partygoers who can appreciate your penchant for classic Christmas films.

41. Egyptian Goddess ($50): The myth lives on with this eye-catching costume that is guaranteed to help you rule the night.

42. Walking Dead – Bunny Slipper Girl ($50): She woke up like this. You can, too, but we advise you do it only on Halloween. Bosses usually don’t take too kindly to the undead.

43. Bun in the Oven ($50): This costume is almost too perfect for the expecting mother. Or evil prankster.

44. Crayola Crayon ($19): Paint the town red (purple?) in this colorful outfit.

45. Minnie Mouse ($40): Head swiftly into the night, lady! It’s impossible for anyone to swat away this cute little mouse costume.

46. Grease – Bad Sandy ($38): We’ve got chills, they’re multiplying… because this costume is drop-dead sexy. In the best, most ’70s way possible.

47. Devilicious ($35): It’s Halloween, so it’s only natural to be a little naughty. We promise we won’t tell.

48. Katy Perry ($20): California girls might be unforgettable, but you will be too if you show up in this cupcake-crazed costume.

49. Belle ($50): No matter how old you get, being a princess should never not be an option. Tame the beast that is Halloween by being your royally awesome self in this golden outfit.

50. Adult Cheer Beer Costume ($50): We admit it: This costume is 98% ridiculous and 2% pretty awesome. We never thought we’d see Care Bears brought back this way and we feel… well, we have no words.

Okay, now spill! What costume are you snagging this year?