We can always count on strong ladies like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry for some eccentric fashion inspiration. But this year we’ve had our eyes fixed on a fancy lady from down under. We’re talking about Iggy Azalea, if you didn’t already pick up on that. While it might be a little hard to replicate her look on a daily basis (bum-out booty shorts aren’t exactly office appropriate), Halloween is the perfect time to go for it. Here are 12 of Iggy’s best looks to copy this Halloween. Side note: No judgment if you wear these out next Saturday night, too… We understand.

1. Bright Bustier: Find a plain bustier and short duo, grab some sharpies and make your own design inspired by this crazy print! (via Daily Mail)

2. Eyes Wide Open Shorts: Because lets be honest, if you’re channeling your inner Iggy, all eyes are going to be looking here. (via Your Next Shoes)

3. Stunning in Silver: Sport a peplum leotard, fishnets and silver knee-high boots for a look everybody will notice. (via Who What Wear )

4. Cheerleading Charlie: Take a hint from Iggy and her gal pal, Charlie XCX: cheerleader costumes work for more than just football games. Revamp the classic uniform to make it a little more rebellious. (via Tumblr)

5. Not Totally Clueless: It’s you, channeling Iggy Azalea, channeling Cher Horowitz. Whoa. This costume is definitely going to get you some pop culture points. (via Slate)

6. Checkered Suit: If your crowd is up-to-date on their pop culture, they’ll totally know who you’re supposed to be. If they’re not, you can always just say you’re a fashion forward checkerboard! (via Bustle)

7. Bold Bodysuit: This look Iggy wore to the Grammys is definitely one of her bolder outfits, and possibly the most recognizable. Slip on a black one piece, add a bright-colored windbreaker and a fishnet tank, and you’re good to go. (via Daily Mail)

8. Tangerine Sport Suit: A colorful, sporty masterpiece! Mimick this look Iggy wore while performing on The Today Show for a style that will be super comfy all night long. Don’t forget the pink lipstick! (via AOL)

9. Wardrobe Malfunction: Like the best of them, Iggy had slight wardrobe malfunction when her paneled dress showed a little too much. We say make a blurred or bright colored sign like this and tape it to the front of your dress for a silly but still-stylish costume. (via OK)

10. Skintight in White: Fierce doesn’t even begin to describe how you’ll feel as Iggy in her “Black Widow” music video outfit. Use some hair chalk and rock bright red tips for a night! (via Holy Moly)

11. Skin and Fur: Gah. Everything about this look is just so great. The crazy, furry sleeves, the Ariana Grande high-ponytail… But really it all comes down to that seductive one-piece. (via Black Blessed)

12. Metallic Corset: Grab some gold spray paint and get creative with any plastic pieces you can find. A little DIY never hurt any Halloween costume. (via Daily Mail)

Are you an Iggy Azalea superfan? What look are you going to rock next month?