Pablo Picasso once said, “Everything you can imagine is real,” and that’s never more true than on Halloween. You can dress up and transform into just about anyone or anything you want to. In honor of the painter, why not go the artsy route and imagine yourself as a painting or a painter on October 31st? We’ve got some artistic costume inspiration coming your way to show everyone once and for all what a masterpiece you truly are.

1. The Scream: We love this haunting capture of the classic expressionist painting. What a Halloween-appropriate work of art! An expertly crafted mask and painted hands is all it takes. (via CNN)

2. The Mona Lisa: The thing about this masterful costume is in order to really be in character, you have to kind-of-but-not-really smile all night to capture the timeless mystery of Mona Lisa’s expression. (via Blue Speckled Pup)

3. Andy Warhol and Warhol’s Marilyn: Pop art is perfect for Halloween, and so is its founder, Mr. Warhol. You and a buddy can go as the man himself and his magenta Marilyn. Rather go as muse Edie Sedgwick? Either way you’ll surely be a pop hit. (via Vanity Fair)

4. Vincent Van Gogh: A man with one ear is a man in love. That’s a saying, isn’t it? This kids’ costume is one that can work for all ages, especially for the art history lovers. (via Oh Happy Day)

5. American Gothic: It’s a classic, because it’s so simple. This couples’ costume is super fun and easily identifiable. We wonder how long you’d want to carry a pitchfork around… not to mention a picture frame. (via Best Costumes Ever)

6. Composition With Yellow, Blue and Red: Who knew that basic lines and blocks of primary color could be so captivating? Mondrian knew. To celebrate his genius, grab a white dress and paint away. Full disclosure: This image is the original YSL dress, but you can definitely DIY. For those crisp lines, painters tape is highly recommended. (via Classic Style of Fashion)

7. Girl With A Pearl Earring: Like most famous art, there are countless theories about the story behind it and the artist’s intention. So if you’re feeling a bit mysterious, yet classy, this is the way to go. (via Planet 5D)

8. Son of Man: There are so many ways to play with this one. You can tie an apple mask across your face, carry an apple around on a stick or even hang it from your hat. Whatever you decide, this one is a dead giveaway. (via Chris Carrillo’s Blog)

9. Bob Ross and Happy Little Tree: If you grew up with painting pro Bob Ross telling you how to paint “happy little trees,” then you’ll probably feel a bit nostalgic with this one. The costume can be a solo act or a group effort if you have a happy little tree or two. (via C.R.A.F.T)

10. Banksy Street Art: In the world of street art, Banksy is king. We love this homage to one of his most recognizable pieces. You can even surf through some of his other work to find another subject to portray in black and white. (via DQK)

11. Lichtenstein Lady: This look takes skill and a steady hand, but it’s well worth the time. Lichtenstein is known for his halftone, comic book style. When it’s recreated on a real face, the result is pretty, pretty, pretty trippy. (via Alexander Khokhlov Photography)

12. Self-Portrait: Is there room for one more Van Gogh? We think so. If you know someone who’s a master face-painter, you may want to become their BFF for this one. (via Smithsonian)

13. Frida Kahlo: The fabulous Frida is a pretty simple artist to mimic for Halloween. A milkmaid braid, Spanish-style dress and a signature unibrow are the keys to this costume. (via Upcycled Treasures)

14. Adele Bloch Bauer I: So we all can’t be photographed in ornate golden gowns, but we can DIY our way to this look. Thrift around for a strapless gold dress, then buy some gold fabric to drape around you. Finish it off with painted metallic shapes and you’re lady Adele herself. (via Flavorwire)

15. Go Picasso: Leave it to Gaga to look like a Picasso painting just because she feels like it. Paint up your own sweatshirt with broken faces and abstract body forms, then paint your own face to look like one of Picasso’s paintings! (via The Gloss)

Have you ever gone artsy for Halloween? We’d love to know in the comments!