With the big game this weekend, companies have been releasing their expensive ads all week hoping to be the early standout. While we’re more into what’s going down on the apps table at the Super Bowl party + what crazy outfits Katy Perry will be strutting the stage in than who actually scores all the points, we do have a little extra time for commercials. Check out our faves from the ones that have been released so far.


Important side note: we’re still waiting on a Mindy Kaling Nationwide commercial that’s pretty much guaranteed to make it to the top of our list.

1. Eat24, “Hangry”: This regional spot for the food delivery service uses Snoop Dogg and Gilbert Gottfried to hilariously showcase just what happens to us all when the feelings of hunger + anger meet. Now go fight those hangry feels, y’all.


2. Bud Light, “Real Life PacMan”: This sequel to last year’s successful #UpForWhatever ad perfectly executes bringing PacMan to life, neon and all. When is it our turn to go for a lap in the maze?


3. Newcastle, “Band of Brands”: The brown ale brewing co. cleverly joined forces with 37 other brands in this product-heavy regional spot to split the high cost of a Super Bowl ad. Using your friends to save — we can get down with that.


4. T-Mobile, “Save the Data”: We love a lady (or anyone, really) who can poke fun at themselves, and the Queen of Selfies is a total pro at that. So it’s no surprise we’re gonna go ahead and use that data to check out Kim K’s makeup, her backhand, her outfits, etc ;)


5. Volvo, “The Greatest Interception Ever”: Though not technically a Super Bowl ad, the Swedish car company is looking to make the greatest interception ever during the big game by interrupting other car companies ads via tweets. We’re all about this creative concept/want to win a Volvo.

6. No More PSA: This subtle and haunting PSA against domestic violence and sexual assault is sure to get everyone’s attention during the game, and hopefully spark a change through speaking up.

7. Purina Friskies, “Dear Kitten: Regarding the Big Game”: We always knew cats thought we were just a bunch of idiots, and now we have confirmation thanks to this regional ad by the cat food company, who teamed up to create it with BuzzFeed. Check out the extended cut for more LOLs.

8. Dove Men+Care, “#RealStrength”: There are so many types of Dads throughout the world (DUH!) and this tearjerker beautifully highlights that fact. Pass the tissues (and our phones so we can call our Dad), please.


9. BMW, “Newfangled Ideas”: The luxury car company recruited Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel to ask similar questions about the changing tech in cars that they were asking about the Internet 21 years ago on Today. Brilliant way to incorporate a throwback, BMW.


10. Mercedes-Benz, “Fable”: The classic story gets an upgrade in this spot that gorgeously mixes animation and live action (and a must-have car). #TeamTortoise


11. Budweiser, “Lost Dog”: While this year’s puppy-centric ad isn’t as aww-inducing as last year’s, we applaud the beer company for working with animals once again. Though cute, we know how stressful that can be. Personally, we think their lead-up to the Super Bowl ad was much better.

12. Carl’s Jr., “Au Naturel”: There’s a lot of creative and strategically placed farmer’s market produce in this regional ad. Need we say more?


13. Toyota, “How Great I Am”: If Paralympic athlete Amy Purdy can do all the things highlighted in this spot, the least you can do is allow yourself to be creative ;)


14. Victoria’s Secret, “In the Mood for Love”: Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the angels are in the mood for love (Coincidence? We think not). While we love the angels, why not go for something different this year — may we suggest a bouquet of 3D Printed Roses?

15. Lexus, “Make Some Noise”: We guess that’s one way to turn a parking garage into a club.

In addition to our Mindy-less list, there’s still a Doritos “Crash the Runway” winner to be announced, spots from Carnival, Coca-Cola, Skittles and Snickers to be released and a YouTube-filled Nissan commercial launching on Super Bowl Sunday. So don’t hit fast forward on that DVR.

Which Super Bowl commercial is your favorite this year? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t Adweek)