Whether you’re rooting on the Patriots or the Seahawks (or Team Ruff/Fluff), or just tuning in for Katy Perry’s performance, you’re guaranteed to catch a glimpse of some of this year’s Super Bowl commercials. Afterall, you can’t really DVR the big game.

While you’re getting up to grab another drink or app (or playing a game yourself), the most expensive commercials will be playing in the background and you better notice ’em because that’s what everyone will be talking about on Monday (seriously, who even remembers who got that big ring last year?). Since we’re living the #iamcreative spirit and all, we’re all about the ads overflowing with creativity — check out some of the best below.

1. Doritos, “Fashionista Daddy”: This 2013 ad had us laughing and wishing our dad and his friends would have played dress up with us. Just because we’re adults doesn’t mean it still can’t happen.

2. M&M’s, “Anything for Love”: Just like in this 2013 spot, we’d literally do anything to have an M&M date (we’d have a few more creative ideas though). Sidenote: We wouldn’t go in that oven either.


3. Best Buy, “Ask, Amy”: This smart girl was super inquisitive in the 2013 commercial. We’re gonna guess the salesman was saying, “Yes, please!” once Amy walked out the door.


4. Oreo, “Whisper Fight”: This 2013 whisperfest asks the question of a generation, leading to the quietest (and probably hardest to pull off) fight we’ve ever witnessed.

5. Old Spice, “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”: Ah, yes, this was THE 2010 commercial that started the deodorant brand’s resurgence. Now we remember why we fell in love with Isaiah Mustafa again. Bonus reason to love it, the commercial is all one take (WHAT?!).

6. GoPro, “Dubstep Baby”: Before the selfie stick made these cameras even more fun, the adventurous electronics company had us dancing along with the baby in this EDM 2013 spot.

7. Microsoft, “Empowering”: Just like this 2014 commercial showcases, tech is empowering us all to be as creative and connected as we possibly can be.


8. Coca-Cola, “America is Beautiful”: We melted the first time we saw this one last year and we’re still swelling with tears the way the soda company highlighted our melting pot of a country through song. #proudAmerican


9. Intuit + GoldieBlox, “Come on Bring the Toys”: Girls creating and taking control — for obvious reasons, we love this 2014 spot so much.

10. Doritos, “Time Machine”: This consumer-created ad has us more impressed than what advertising agencies come up with. That may be because of the kid’s ingenious way to get that bag of Doritos though ;)

11. SONOS, “Face Off”: We’re all about color, so when amazing sound is added into the mix of this home in the 2014 ad the natural next question is, “When can we move in?”

12. Honda, “Matthew’s Day Off”: Forgot there was a sort-of sequel to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? Let us remind you about it with this shortened shot-for-shot 2012 commercial. If only it was a trailer… :(


13. Doritos, “Slingshot Baby”: Who ever said baby’s can’t fly clearly hasn’t seen this user-generated ad from 2012. Don’t keep grandma from the cheesy chips.


14. H&M, “David Beckham”: Do we really need a reason to highlight this piece filled with the shirtless soccer star from last year? Okay, if you insist: Beckham is quite the talented parkourer ;)


15. Cheerios, “Gracie”: This 2014 spot shows us probably the most creative (and cutest) way to tell your child you’re having a baby. Can we get a puppy that easily too?

16. E*Trade, “Baby”: It’s been two years since this talking baby helped us not blow that fat stack of cash and we’re still struggling with that. There’s just too many things to make…


17. MetLife, “National Anthem With Peanuts”: Schroeder and the Peanuts gang came perfectly together in the MetLife Stadium before the big game. Can we lobby for them for the pre-game festivities again this year?

18. KIA, “The Matrix”: Laurence Fishburne is back in his sci-fi Matrix world in this 2014 ad. Though we’re impressed by the car, we’re kinda all about that Opera singing. Who knew he had those pipes.


19. CarMax, “Slow Clap Puppy Version”: The original version from the car dealership company was great and all (just some boring humans), but once they recreated the spot with puppies into the mix it because too aww-dorable.


20. Budweiser, “Puppy Love”: Forget Disney fairy tales, this is now our go-to love story. And it’s only a minute long ;)


21. Volkswagen, “The Force”: The force is definitely with this kid in this intergalactic spot.

22. Coca-Cola, “Superstition”: We’re crossing all our fingers and toes (and maybe some paws) that there will be a new polar bear Coke commercial this Super Bowl because the cartoon bears bring so much joy without uttering a word.


23. Bud Light, “Ian Up For Whatever”: This hidden-camera style ad from last year’s Super Bowl cleverly took this guy on an unforgettable night. We’re also down for whatever, just sayin’ ;)

Which Super Bowl ad from the past is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.