If you鈥檝e ever wished that you could pack up your things, hit the road and live every day as an adventure, you鈥檙e not alone. In fact, there鈥檚 an entire lifestyle named after it. Fueled by wanderlust and a love of the open road, the #vanlife movement has people ditching their apartments, cutting the clutter and traveling toward a more simple existence. This free-spirited lifestyle has a pretty sizeable community on Instagram, with some seriously remarkable feeds that will make you question what鈥檚 keeping *you* from embarking on your own road trip across the country. Whether you鈥檙e simply looking to satiate your wanderlust fix or are seriously contemplating a life on the road, we鈥檙e sharing our favorite #vanlife Instagrams as inspo!

1. @desfenetressurlemonde: A couple on the move, this Canadian duo left home in July 2015 and haven鈥檛 looked back since. The roadies are currently bumping along in the States in their 84 Westfalia, nicknamed 鈥淧opo.鈥

Beer break! 馃嵒馃殣馃帀

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2. @la_copacavana: Talk about couple #goals. These Cali natives left home and are making their way across North America. In between hiking and climbing rugged terrain, these amateur adventurers enjoy taking in the sights while kicking back with a beer or two.

3. @loving_vanlife: If you aren鈥檛 already smitten by this Japanese couple鈥檚 dreamy aesthetic, then you鈥檒l probably fall head over heels for their furry li鈥檒 companion named Roy. Their account is pretty new, but granted they keep those on-point snaps coming, it鈥檚 only a matter of time before their 100+ followers turn into 1K+.

4. @hazelandherb: A self-proclaimed 鈥淪hroom Lady,鈥 this female traveler鈥檚 feed has us green with envy鈥 in the best way possible. Aside from her van鈥檚 super cozy boho-inspired interior, her nature exploits have us wishing we could climb through the screen on our phones.

5. @jac_bransgrove: For Jacqueline and Chris, waking up to seeing the sun rise over the oceanfront horizon isn鈥檛 something outside of the ordinary. And if the view outside their van wasn鈥檛 beautiful enough, their 1975 VW Kombi鈥檚 interior ain鈥檛 bad either.

6. @danielspencer_: Though this couple鈥檚 #vanlife travels have come to an end (at least for now), their captured moments are definitely worth checking out. Seriously, how many people can say they drove through the jungles of Africa and made it to the coastline?

Could use more days like this. Jellystone has been a cold one 馃尙馃尐

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7. @giveustheroad: After quitting their jobs and leaving New Hampshire, this couple began their journey across the country in their 2006 Dodge Sprinter. With their latest snaps of Yellowstone (including the one above) looking this awesome, there鈥檚 no telling what else is in store.

8. @funforlouis: What most of us would give to lounge in a hammock with a mountainside view. If you鈥檙e in the same boat (or hammock) as we are, be sure to check out everyday adventurer Louis!

9. @idletheorybus: They鈥檝e hiked the Rockies, waded through marshes in the north woods and got lost in desert canyons 鈥 just to name a few of their #vanlife escapades. And the greatest lesson learned from their travels so far is basically that America is actually *really* freaking amazing.

Movie night under the most stars I've ever seen 馃檶馃徎馃寣馃殣

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10. @mitch.cox: Thanks to Mitch and his home-built camper, you鈥檒l finally be able to (vicariously) live out your dream of sleeping under the stars. There may be downsides to living on the road, but if this dazzling view of the night sky is part of the package, count us in.

11. @webetraveling: Practical meets decorative in this van鈥檚 mapped-out ceiling. If one thing鈥檚 for sure, it鈥檚 that they鈥檒l always find their way if they ever get lost.

12. @roseannethevan: You鈥檒l be spending who knows how long in a van, so you might as well make it as cute and comfortable as you can. And this #vanlifer did a pretty good job at that!

13. @roamingwithrob: Follow Rob and Laura as they explore the outback in their 鈥渕obile log cabin鈥 that looks a lot nicer than it sounds. If you dig their simple approach to living the #vanlife, you鈥檒l surely appreciate traveling shown from their perspective.

14. @veggievanlife: Full of helpful tips for those interested in perhaps following suit, this #vanlife account is one both traveler and admirer can appreciate. The account follows the life of Josie, Ben and Argo the pooch on their travels in the UK.

Morning teatime with the #littlebudyman 馃惗鈽曪笍

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15. @homesweetvan: When working with a limited space, it鈥檚 all about being efficient with the space you do have. These two nomads prove just so with an innovative bed that pulls down. Check out their account for more on their creatively designed van space!

16. @briannamadia: If you love adventures and dogs, no doubt you鈥檒l love Brianna鈥檚 account. Scroll through their feed for awe-inspiring treks through canyons, rivers, deserts and more!

Foggy mornings #takinglifeontheroad

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17. @takinglifeontheroad: Express yourself like Amelia does every day when driving her psychedelically painted van. Whether that means painting your own van or painting a wall in your home, hopefully, her artsy feed will inspire you to let loose and create.

18. @bluemoonthevan: Facilities are pretty limited in the van, so it doesn鈥檛 hurt to stop and grab a tasty bite now and then. It also doesn鈥檛 hurt that the inside of this couple鈥檚 van looks like the inside of a chic cafe! For more on their simplified lifestyle, be sure to check out their latest ventures in the Alps.

19. @noel_russ: From doggies in hammocks to floating in rivers on inflatable donuts, this #vanlife account is one you won鈥檛 regret hitting that follow for. Scroll through for their most notable moments (which is all of them, TBH).

20. @marielsche: For #vanlifers who appreciate a homey aesthetic, Mariel鈥檚 account is the one to follow. This Costa Rican鈥檚 daily beachside travels will have you wishing you were her.

21. @zachboth: Join this creative individual鈥檚 #vanlife ventures living out of what looks to be a suite of a van. If you鈥檝e ever dreamed of owning a private getaway, this would be it.

22. @thecampercreative: Hatti and Jake鈥檚 Instagram answers your questions about what it would be like to tour Europe out of a van. These surfing connoisseurs converted their camper and hit the road on a quest to surf the best waves around Europe.

23. @bearfoottheory: Want the scoop on how to travel smart? Turn to Kristen and her *solar-powered* van that鈥檚 currently taking her through an African safari.

24. @vanalog_vibes: An organized #vanlife is a happy #vanlife. Take a tip from this couple鈥檚 genius storage hack pictured here. In addition to their tidying practices, the traveling duo is committed to sustainable living, which is why their furnishings are made of reclaimed wood.

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