It’s not news that the Internet can be a very creepy place. From location tracking to mining for data, the websites we use know an awful lot about us — which can be a very cool and very helpful thing or absolutely terrifying, depending on your perspective. Facebook, for example, just rolled out three new updates that — although INCREDIBLY helpful for our social networking — also kind of make us shiver.

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1. Friend Recs Based Off People You’ve Crossed Paths With: The first is an understanding of how, exactly, that “People You May Know” feature works. According to a Facebook spokesperson, the network recommends friends based on a combination of many different features including, but not limited to: mutual friends, work and education, networks, contacts and… location. Translation: Facebook is using location tracking as part of its formula for finding you friends. But it’s not just based on location alone. If you go somewhere often and have mutual friends or are in any of the same Facebook groups, the network will recommend friends. So that person in the same office building or the gym or even your neighbor could find their cyber way to you.

2. Suggesting Weekend Plans: But say you aren’t exactly sure where you should head out this weekend in order to meet new people that could start showing up in “People You May Know.” Facebook’s got that covered. The team just announced the launch of Featured Events. For Facebook users in 10 different American cities — Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, DC — making plans got way easier. A team of Facebook employees hand-selects the best events in the cities and will recommend them at the top of the events tab for “tonight” and “this weekend.” The selection will cull from the best in art, food, live music, fitness, entertainment and sports.

3. Creating Slideshows from Your Camera Roll. Automatically: And then after you’ve found what to do and made new friends, Facebook will make it easy to share your memories. If you’ve taken more than five pictures in the past 24 hours — which of course Facebook knows — the network will ask if you would like to make a slideshow. You’ll be given the option to choose a theme for your pictures and videos and be able to set them to music. Facebook will continue adding music and themes as time goes on.

You have a choice: Embrace technology as it comes into our lives or you can drop off the grid forever. Just know that we’ll know whatever you decide to do. Kidding! Maybe! Who knows?

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