In case you haven’s heard by now: We’re pretty obsessed with calligraphy. So you can probably guess that we were pretty stoked when we discovered yet another amazing calligraphy artist. Meet Tolga Girgin, an artist from Turkey who’s turning calligraphy on its head by making it 3D. Yup, 3D calligraphy is here, y’all.

Besides being an extremely talented artist, Girgin is an electrical engineer and graphic designer . Perhaps it’s his work as a calculating engineer that lets his designs have such sharp and clear edges, creating the illusion of the letters literally jumping off the page.

Girgin has been sketching since childhood, exploring the medium of calligraphy after dabbling in his other passion, graffiti. Girgin is well-loved on Instagram, and we can see why. His sketches are mesmerizing and gorgeous in every way.

What do you think of this new kind of calligraphy? Interested in learning it for yourself? Tell us your thoughts and share your sketches or experiences with calligraphy below!

(h/t Bored Panda)