Hacks. They’re kind of a big deal. Not only are they useful, but the best ones are so freakin’ creative (and we’re obviously all about that). You know what else we’re obsessed with? 3D printing. So when we discovered people are creating 3D printed hacks of IKEA products, we were instantly in love with them all — seriously, our 3D printers have been working overtime ever since. Follow along (no worries, there’s no assembly required here ;) and find the closest 3D printing studio near you (if you’re lucky, that’s in your home). You’ll want to recreate all of these hacks ASAP.

1. Regolit Lampshades: The designer of these beauties took on a broken Regolit floor lamp and re-energized it with a high-design upgrade. Now it’s too legit to ever quit. (via Coroflot)

2. Frosta Bike: We never would have thought to turn the Frosta stool into a child’s bike. But with the help of several 3D printed parts, you can have these wheels rollin’ down the street in no time. (via Thingiverse)

3. Pokal Clip On Vase: This hack gorgeously turns IKEA’s Pokal glasses into flower vases with a clip-on edge. (via AD-3D)

4. Marius Stool Storage Net: Add a little extra storage to the Marius stool by attaching a net below your booty. (via IKEA Hackers)

5. Grundtal Swivel Mounts: Kick up the Grundtal spotlights with a 3D printed swivel mount hack. These mounts make it easy to adjust 180 degrees to set the perfect mood for your impromptu living room photo shoots. (via Thingiverse)

6. Lampan Shade: Give the bland Lampan lamp shade a burst of color with these playful templates. Print a handful to change up your scenery on the daily. (via Thingiverse)

7. Pokal Spice Shot Glasses: We can’t be the only ones who have extra Pokal shot glasses laying around. Make use of those excess shooters by upgrading the store-bought spice containers with these clip-on tops. (via Thingiverse)

8. Dioder LED Vase Holder: TurnDioder LED lights into a lit-up vase holder with this printout that will make everyone’s eyes light up. (via IKEA Hackers)

9. Perfekt Knife Block: Add a knife block where there was none before on the Perfekt shelf with this hack. Talk about a flawless way to save countertop space while keeping the knives an arm’s length away. (via Thingiverse)

10. Lack Table Feet: Instantly give some extra height to the budget-friendly (but short) Lack side table with these additions. Install away and never feel like your beverage is out of reach from the couch again. (via IKEA Hackers)

11. Koppla Power Strip: The end of under-desk cord tangles is finally a reality with the Koppla power strip hack. Easily attach and screw in the 3D-printed end brackets so the power strip can chill on your desk, lifting the cables off the floor. Say farewell to desk dives before leaving the office for the day. (via IKEA Hackers)

12. Spare Parts: Broken or lost IKEA installation pieces make it impossible to finish putting the furniture together (and it was a headache before you lost the parts). These models of some of the most used pieces make it easy to replace them on demand. (via IKEA Hackers)

Which of these 3D printed IKEA hacks are you going to run to the printer to produce? Let us know in the comments below.