It’s safe to say — we’re all trying to live our best lives. Between trying out a new fitness routine and letting go of worrying about FOMO, no one wants to live a life they don’t love. Duh, right? But sometimes, that’s easier said than done. There’s post-election acts of hate to deal with, feelings of fear and an overall sense of need for personal safety, especially for women. But at least one company is trying to do something about it.

a female smiling in the street at night

Personal safety company SABRE recently launched their “Which one are you” video, to show how a simple bottle of pepper spray, a personal alarm or even a home alarm system can save your life and give you the confidence to live it.

“A lot of women think these types of dangerous situations won’t happen to them,” said SABRE CEO and personal safety expert, David Nance. “With the release of this video we are hoping to raise awareness and empower women to think about their personal lives and ways to avoid danger during their daily routines.”

After you’ve watched the video, check out these tips below from David on simple ways to add an extra layer of safety to your routine.

1. Secure your home. According to a recent study from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, evidence of increased security is something a majority of burglars consider before deciding upon a target. “Show would-be burglars that you’ve bolstered your at-home safety with a security system that would make it more difficult for them to slip in and out easily.” Home alarms not in your budget right now? No problem, David says, “Give criminals the illusion that your home is protected — at a fraction of the cost — by purchasing inexpensive security yard signs and/or decals.”

2. Carry a personal safety tool. You can never be too prepared. And David agrees, saying “Pepper spray provides protection at a safe distance, meaning it helps you prevent having to go hands on with your attacker. Legal to sell and carry in all 50 states, pepper spray is a force multiplier, meaning it doesn’t require size or strength to be used effectively.” And new innovations in this market, like pepper gel, have made it even easier to use. David explains, “Pepper gel boasts the same police-strength protection as our pepper spray but it reduces wind blowback with no airborne particles, only affecting what it directly contacts.”

3. Be present. We all have our routine and know how easy it is to fall into “autopilot” when taking a familiar route to your car or on a run. “Make a point of continuously scanning the area and remaining present when out and about. Stay alert with your head held high and shoulders back to send the message that you’re not an easy target. Engage with your surroundings while enhancing your preparedness by visualizing what you would do if a dangerous situation were to arise,” suggests David.

4. Shed light on your daily routine. “The cover of darkness makes those who wish you harm feel more comfortable committing crimes.” According to one study, light deters crime by signaling to criminals that there’s a chance of a security camera, police officer or another bystander catching them in the act. So David suggests parking and walking under streetlights whenever possible, always having your exterior home lights on after nightfall and trying to get all of your errands done during daylight hours.”

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