As we geared up for the long Thanksgiving weekend, we dreamt about all the amazing food to be had, reconnecting with those family members you only get to see around the holidays and, of course, counting your blessings.

But what happens afterward, when you’re in a food coma and you need a little break from the fam? If you’re looking for something that feels a little more productive than watching Netflix all day, we’ve got a creative solution for you.

Enter Brit + Co’s online classes. We’ve got an assortment of classes that you can pick and choose from. From Business to Lettering courses, we’ve surely got something that we know you’re going to love. Plus, in just under an hour, you can learn a new creative skill. Now that’s something to be thankful for!

So, check out our collection here, or just take a gander at a few of our faves below.


1. Hand Lettering Online Class ($19): You know all those super cute signs you love the look of, but don’t trust to make with your own harried chicken scratch? Our hand-lettering class is your quick-fix. In a little over an hour, Danielle Evans (who also happens to be a pro art director) starts from the beginning, showing you how to hold your pen (yes, there is a right and a wrong way!), how to use strokes to make letters and swashes, and how to combine them all into one neat little package. Pretty cool, right? By the end of the 105-minute long sesh, you’ll be making greeting cards and wall art with wild abandon.


2. Sketching Online Class ($19): If, like me, you don’t remember much from art classes of your youth, then Mary Phan of Very Mary Inspired is your gal. Her class (which is just under an hour) gives you all the basic tools you’ll need to take up this new skill set, starting with holding the pencil and working your way up to making actual drawings (both 2D AND 3D!) of real-life objects in the form of a custom floral piece. Better yet? Once you’ve purchased the class, you can go back and watch it as many times as you like, allowing you to take all the time you’ll need to practice alongside Mary until you get things just right.


3. Screenprinting Online Class ($19): Forget paying $50 for a tote with a cute graphic on it: You can make your own with this class in less than half an hour! Lumi owner Jesse Genet (who has appeared on Shark Tank and whose work you may have seen in a little-known store called Urban Outfitters) proves there’s plenty more to the art of screenprinting than just slapping an inspirational quote on a bag. You need to know how to choose the right prints and materials to bring your tea or coffee mug to life, and even how to prep your workspace. Luckily, Jesse walks you through it all, ensuring you’ll wind up with a product you’re proud to wear or a personalized gift you can’t wait to share.


4. Intro to Embroidery Online Class ($19): Needlework isn’t just for nana anymore: In fact, celebs like Lauren Conrad and Taylor Swift have been known to try their hand at the craft. Kristen Gula, the self-taught artist and girl boss behind Gulush Threads has even made a living out of it. You can too, with the mastery of some basic needlework techniques (like the back stitch, satin stitch, French knot and tying off of threads to finish your work) that will see you making sayings and designs by the end of the class. It even comes with downloadable designs that let you continue your practice long after the class’s 41 minutes are up.


5. Intro to DSLR Photography Online Class ($39): Though everyone and their brother likes to THINK they’re a photographer (thanks, Instagram), there’s definitely an art to becoming a master at it. Especially when you’re dealing with the real deal in the form of a real-life DSLR camera. Now that you’ve got one, you’ll likely need a little help, and you’d probably pay an in-person instructor far more to learn how to use your new gear than by simply checking out this instructional vid from wedding photog Jenna Kutcher. Her course will have you up and running in just 34 minutes. She’ll run you through what all those confusing buttons do, and you’ll learn how to use your light (both indoor and outdoors) to nab the best possible shot with tons of little tips and tricks that will have you feeling confident enough to strike out on your own in no time.

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