Growing up, mom always told us to eat our fruits and veggies. But with the new boozy fruit trend that’s sweeping the nation, moms everywhere will never have to worry about their adult kiddies forgoing their daily servings of either of those again. That’s right, Mom, we’re making fresh fruit popsicles, seasonal fruit salad, homemade fruit preserves and refreshing fruit granita on the regular — all with a hefty serving of tequila, limoncello and white wine :)

1. Boozy Watermelon Granita With Coconut Whipped Cream: This boozy watermelon-coconut ice dessert will have you scooping the bottom of the jar to get every last drop. (via How Sweet It is)

2. Fruit-Infused Liquors: Canning jars aren’t just for preserves anymore. Grab a couple, toss in your favorite fruit and liquor and let it all sit… for a while. (via Love Library)

3. Kiwi Moscato Popsicles: The only ingredients you need are kiwi, sugar, water and your favorite moscato to make these refreshing summer ice pops. (via Quarter Life Crisis Cuisine)

4. Cherry Lambic Sorbet: Lambics (sweet Belgian beers) are the bee’s knees, so we’re pretty pumped about this sorbet recipe that combines our favorite brew with one of our favorite stone fruits. (via Serge the Concierge)

5. Meyer Lemon Marmalade: Sorry orange marmalade, we found your forever replacement. (via Eat Boutique)

6. Homemade Limoncello: Forget the sugary sweet stuff you buy from the store — homemade limoncello is the way to go for an after-dinner drink. And it makes a great edible hostess or potluck party gift, too! (via Pop Sugar)

7. Salted Watermelon Martini: This fruity beauty of a martini is anything but dirty. (via Beautiful Boutique)

8. Melon Sangria: Moscato + grappa + fresh melons + mint = a delicious take on a classic white sangria. (via Laylita’s Recipes)

9. Papaya, Pineapple + Ginger Cooler: We LOVE ginger beer. (via Girl Cooks World)

10. “Old Fashioned” Panna Cotta: Get it? Like the drink? Yeah, we dig it. (via 10th Kitchen)

11. Piña Colada Ice Pops: We love piña coladas in all forms, but especially when they’re in popsicle form. (via Shutterbean)

12. Wine-Spiked Peach Jam: Spreadable white wine + peaches? Yes. Just YES. (via Savvy Eats)

13. Pimmsicles: A.k.a. Pimm’s cup popsicles. #winning (via The Tiffin Box)

14. Tropical Pineapple Boozy Baked Oatmeal: This is basically the breakfast version of pineapple upside down cake, with a little rum, of course. (via Oh She Glows)

15. Classic Sangria: Because sometimes we just need tons of fruit in our wine. (via Gourmantine)

16. Piña Colada Cupcakes: Like we said, Brit + Co welcomes piña coladas in all forms! (via Cupcake Project)

17. Boozy Banana Rum Raisin Smoothie: Talk about a comforting, healthy beverage! (via Apron and Sneakers)

18. Strawberry Rosé Pudding Cakes: These babies are drizzled with scrumptious strawberry rosé coulis. Yum! (via Strictly Delicious)

19. Boozy Pineapple Upside Down Cake: Rum-soaked pineapples sound like the perfect summer snack. We’re ready to pack these in our cooler next time we head to the beach. (via Caked)

20. Boozy Plum Sauce: Throw this port wine plum sauce on your next charcuterie and cheese board. You won’t regret it. (via Nadel + Gabel)

21. Poached Pears in Chocolate Wine Sauce: Every girl needs a poached pear recipe in her back pocket, and this one comes complete with a killer dark chocolate and red wine sauce. (via Love Your Diaeta)

22. Summer Sangria Berry Crumble: A berry crumble is a wondrous summer treat, but a berry crumble made with red wine and Grand Marnier? That’s just blowin’ our minds! (via How Sweet It is)

23. Screwdriver Smoothie: For those days when a mimosa just isn’t enough, here is your new go-to. (via Boozy Smoothies)

24. Boozy Shortcake Sliders: These sweet sliders are stuffed with amaretto-soaked berries and topped with mascarpone whipped cream for the ultimate in sweet treats. (via How Sweet It is)

25. Sparkling Peach and Thyme Sorbet: Pop some bubbly and make this sorbet. Now. (via Eat Yourself Skinny)

26. Spiked Fruit Cup: Feeling nostalgic? Whip up these grown-up fruit cups with either white rum, gin or cachaca. They’re sure to be way better than those sickeningly sweet ones that always found their way into our lunch boxes. (via Martha Stewart)

27. White Sangria: This light and bright white sangria is sure to cut the heat on even the hottest of summer days. (via Linda Wagner)

28. Watermelon Daiquiri Freezer Pops: Soak watermelon slices in rum and daiquiri mix, stick ‘em with some popsicle sticks and freeze. It’s really that simple. (via Tablespoon)

29. Boozy Fruit Punch With Striped Ice Cubes: This is the prettiest boozy bev we’ve seen in a while. And those striped ice cubes are just plain awesome. (via Lark & Linen)

30. Grapefruit Campari Sorbet: If lemons aren’t your thing, try this spiked grapefruit sorbet for a citrus fix. (via Completely Delicious)

31. Sangria Popsicles: These sangria popsicles are all kinds of boozy, made with fruity red wine and brandy. (via Rosie Eats)

32. Pineapple Sangria: One sip from this glass and you’ll be dreaming of the tropics. (via The Messy Baker)

33. White Wine-Drenched Fruit Salad: We love a good fruit salad, and this one’s made just for adults. (via Simply Scratch)

34. Boozy Fruitcake Donuts: Fruitcake tends to get a bad rep, but these donut-shaped cakes made with brandy are pretty darn yummy. (via Corner Blog)

35. Boozy Chocolate Plum Pudding Cake: These mini bundt cakes include cognac, and they can be made gluten-free. (via Big Sis Little Dish)

36. Deep Dish Cherry Berry Pie: Pssstttt…there’s limoncello in there! (via Fields of Cakes)

37. Blackberry Cabernet Cupcakes: Blackberries, Cabernet and chocolate are a match made in dessert heaven. (via Bakers Royale)

38. Broiled Bitters Grapefruit: If it’s served in the form of a fruit, it must be healthy. (via Bitters and Boozy Bits)

39. Boozy Cherry Jam: While we’d love to shamelessly spoon this right into our mouths, we’re sure it tastes excellent on bread or crackers as well. (via Steph Chows)

40. Cantaloupe and Campari Ice Pops: Campari + fruit is always, ALWAYS a good idea. (via Food Republic)

41. Boozy Pear Sauce: Serve some of this boozy pear sauce on vanilla ice cream for a sinful, fruity treat. (via Local Kitchen)

42. Vegan Deconstructed Boozy Cream Pies: Talk about a mouthful. At least it’s a delicious, vegan mouthful! (via Half Baked Harvest)

43. Limoncello Fruit Salad: Bust out this bowl of goodness at your next BBQ or cookout. Between the fruit and the booze, everyone’s sure to enjoy. (via The Wanderlust Kitchen)

44. Blueberry Moonshine Popsicles: Moonshine is pretty harsh on its own. But if you throw in some lemon juice, blueberries and simple syrup and freeze it up, you’ve got a deliciously refreshing snack. (via Food Republic)

45. Apple Crepe Cake: A stacked crepe apple cake with dark rum sounds like a stellar post-dinner delight. (via Ginger-Snapped)

46. Bananas Foster Crepes: We couldn’t have a boozy fruit list without this classic. (via Creative Culinary)

47. Brandy Berry Trifle: So much cake, so much fruit, so much amazingness. (via Cocoa Bean, The Vegetable)

48. Frozen Yogurt With Boozy Figs: Bourbon + figs + fro yo just became our new favorite nighttime treat. (via The Preserved Life)

49. Homemade Apricot Liqueur: Free up space in the cabinet by putting some of your mason jars to good use. Really, really good use. (via Serious Eats)

50. Amaretto-Soaked White Chocolate Cherries: There’s absolutely no way we could ever eat just three. (via Formal Fringe)

Have a boozy fruit recipe you’re dying to share? Tell us about it in the comments below.