It鈥檚 fall, y鈥檃ll. Which means it鈥檚 time to bust out the pumpkin recipes and pull on your favorite chunky sweaters. But it also means adjusting workouts to take into account all the ways the days are changing. Investing in workout gear built specifically for cooler weather is great, but the days are getting shorter too, and that means you might have to switch up your HIIT workout schedule to make sure you鈥檙e staying safe AND motivated. But how, you ask? That鈥檚 where John Rowley, certified personal trainer and founder of UX3 Nutrition comes in. Read on for his top tips to keep it moving in any season.

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1. Get up and move. 鈥淕etting up and moving is the first step to beating the fall blues and helping us feel our best,鈥 says John. Isn鈥檛 that the truth. And small changes can make all the difference. John notes, 鈥淧ull your shoulders up and back, and if you start taking deeper breaths instead of shallow breaths, start walking with a spring in your step and looking up, and get moving on a regular basis. Your mood will improve and you鈥檒l start feeling a little snappier.鈥

2. Switch it up. We鈥檝e heard it before, but changing up your routine is a great way to keep things interesting and keep your muscles guessing. John agrees, saying 鈥淐hoosing to change up your own workout instead of blindly following your old workout plan will lead to a harder and more effective workout. Most people have a set workout plan, regular route they run or same pace they always stick to. Switching up your location, pace or distance will provide a new, exciting challenge for you to take on and will better ignite your motivation.鈥

3. Get into the right mindset. 鈥淪o many people tend to make excuses as to why they can鈥檛 get fit or stick to their exercise program, especially as the shorter daylight hours of fall are upon us,鈥 says John. Uh, preach, but it鈥檚 more important than ever when the days are a little shorter to make fitness a priority. He adds, 鈥淓veryone can make time for exercise if they want to 鈥 it鈥檚 all about understanding the right workouts for our busy schedules and getting into that positive, healthy mindset. Changing how you look at fitness is crucial to your success.鈥

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4. The proper diet boosts energy. Of course, fueling your fitness is crucial in any season, but the fall can be a fun time to mix it up. John advises to eat something with carbs and high protein before and after your workout in order to get a burst of energy and help build muscle. Hm, pumpkin overnight oats, anyone?

5. Create a schedule and try to stick with it. 鈥By scheduling a workout, you will be able to fit it between previous commitments and be less apt to miss the workout,鈥 says John. Plus, scheduling your workout in advance can make sure you don鈥檛 find yourself running in the dark or skipping it altogether.

6. Enlist a workout buddy or enroll in a class. A new season can be a great time to find a fitness friend and set a new goal. John agrees, saying, 鈥淜nowing you鈥檒l be meeting a group, especially one that can keep up with your fitness levels while motivating you to set new goals, will hold you to your workouts.鈥

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