You鈥檙e not the same girl you were nine months ago. Oh, those pre-baby days: How you really鈥 don鈥檛 miss them. You thought you鈥檇 totally crave girls鈥 night out every Friday after work, but then you realized that snuggling with your little one is so much better than guzzling margaritas. Motherhood changes you 鈥 it just does. Whether it鈥檚 on day 1, day 1,215, or 18 years down the road, check out some of the ways your attitudes and beliefs transform after your baby鈥檚 big birth day.

A woman smiles as she holds her happy child

1. You鈥檙e more nutritionally conscious. There once was a time when two saltines topped with some sort of cheese 鈥減roduct鈥 made a pretty rad meal. You grabbed a slice of pizza for lunch, sometimes had a chocolate-chip scone for dinner, and snacked on dry cereal straight from the box. Now that you鈥檙e a mama, these so-called meals just won鈥檛 do. You鈥檙e reading nutrition labels, avoiding anything with high-fructose corn syrup, and opting for 鈥渞eal鈥 foods that are free from preservatives, antibiotics, and other not-so-healthy ingredients. Oh, and not just for your kiddo. You鈥檙e going totally healthy for yourself too.

2. You really value sleep. That well-rested woman who once resided in your body used to stay out until 2am whenever she could. She couldn鈥檛 have cared less about a 鈥渞easonable bedtime鈥 way back when. Of course those late nights didn鈥檛 matter 鈥 she could sleep until noon on any given Sunday. Now that you鈥檙e on baby duty 24/7, sleep is a valuable commodity. Sure, you鈥檙e still up at 2am: But now it鈥檚 for breastfeeding, changing diapers, and rocking baby back to dreamland.

A mother and daughter laugh together in a park

3. You鈥檝e relaxed about the small things. The old uptight you is totally gone now. In your pre-baby days, you constantly worried about teeny-tiny things that really didn鈥檛 matter. At least, not compared to the grand scheme of motherhood. Yes, you still worry about the big things 鈥 sometimes a lot. You worry whether your baby will meet their developmental milestones, you worry if you鈥檙e choosing the 鈥渞ight鈥 parenting philosophy, and you worry about ever having enough money saved to send your child to college someday. But you鈥檙e totally relaxed when it comes to just about everything else in your life.

4. You鈥檙e now an organizational genius. Toss a tampon, a bottle of nail polish, and some dry shampoo into your purse, and you鈥檙e ready to go. Well, that was back in the pre-mommyhood days. As a mother, you鈥檇 never leave the house without a full diaper bag that鈥檚 stocked and loaded. Your changing table shelves have a buffet of diaper sizes stashed underneath, and your baby鈥檚 closet looks like something out of a movie. You went from chaos and clutter to complete and total organization. You鈥檙e the mama maven, and you love it!

A mother and daughter play together with blocks

5. You feel more pride. Ah, pride. You used to reserve it for that rare standout report your boss praised at work or the Pinterest-worthy dinner you actually created on your own. Now you鈥檙e feeling pride just about every other moment: when your child rolls over for the first time, sits up without your help, or finally eats all of the mashed carrots. Pride takes on a whole new role (and brings on a new set of feelings) now that you鈥檙e a mother.

6. You鈥檝e become a soft speaker. You鈥檝e gone from loud and out-there to soft and serene. Your speech used to attract listeners from across the room; now it soothes your baby鈥檚 fussiness. The way you talk has completely changed now that you鈥檙e a mommy. Not only is it softer, but it鈥檚 a higher pitch as well. And then there are the cutesy little words that you kind of make up, such as 鈥減aci-waci鈥 and 鈥渕ilkikins.鈥

7. You no longer think of yourself first. Those shoes are entirely awesome. You saw them online and you have to have them 鈥 that is, until you saw the price tag. One pair of fab shoes could buy you something like 30 packs of diapers. So you skip the shoes and save for the baby. The days of 鈥渕e, me, me鈥 are gone. In your new mommy-ing life the kiddo comes first. Always.

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