Moms are people too — and don’t you forget it. Yes, you’re all about your baby, but you still need to unwind with your best friends. You love the idea of getting together with other like-minded mamas and talking about babies, weird baby products, trendsetting gender-neutral baby names, and much more. But you also need some time away from all that baby talk. That’s where your single girl friends come in. Check out the six BFFs that you need right now.

1. The Go out Anytime, Anywhere Friend: She doesn’t care if it’s 7am or 11pm, she’s ready to hang. This friend is down to go to the local diner, a bar on the other side of town, or anywhere else you pick (you name it, she’s there!). The best part is she’ll totally work around your hectic schedule.

2. The “Sure, I’ll Watch the Baby” Friend: She doesn’t have a baby of her own, and she doesn’t really want one. Even though your friend is happy with not having a child, she loves to snuggle up with your little one. A two-hour baby fix is plenty for this single gal, and that’s why she’s always up for hanging with your baby. So grab your S.O., head out for a date night, and find comfort in the fact that your BFF is babysitting.

3. The Empathetic Friend: She’s a social worker, a nurse, or in some other helping profession. This friend totally feels for you. It doesn’t matter that she’s not a mom, she’s still deep into listening to (and empathizing with) you, so go ahead and unload all of your mama drama. This friend is 150 percent there for you.

4. The Super Stylish Friend: She wears the hottest fashions and is always in the know when it comes to what’s trending — that is, cool, trendy, and not cheesy “everyone is wearing it” trendy. Now that you’re a mom, you can’t seem to put on anything other than yoga pants and your S.O.’s old college sweatshirt. This BFF will make you over, lend you an outfit that isn’t covered in spit-up, and hide the sweats you’ve been living in for the past six weeks.

5. The Foodie Friend: She knows where to eat. This friend has a Top Chef-worthy palette and the scoop on the local foodie hotspots. You’ve been eating Crock-Pot meals and your baby’s mashed avocado, so it’s fair to say that you need to dine on some more sophisticated fare. You need a night out at a restaurant that doesn’t hand out a plastic pack of crayons with the menu. This friend will take you somewhere that surpasses your greatest culinary dreams and will quench your food-filled fantasies.

6. The “Please, Please, Please Stop Talking About Babies” Friend: She is honest… about everything. And she could care less about babies. Hey, not every woman wants kids — especially this one. When you go into mom mode overload, your baby-loving mom friends won’t stop you. This BFF will. She’ll nix the mommy talk and force you to think about something other than parenting.

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