With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’re already thinking about the perfect gift to give our significant other. Instead of playing it safe with chocolatey goodies, we thought we would mix it up and get our special someone something a little more… innovative. That’s right — we’re hitting up Kickstarter and Indiegogo for the coolest crowdfunds to make our partners swoon.


1. JUISIR: If your main squeeze is one of the millions of people who made a New Year’s resolution to eat clean in 2017, this new juicer might be the lifeline you’re looking for. Using around eight tons of force, this powerful juicer’s main draw is that it doesn’t require ANY cleaning at all. Simply fill the bag with fruits and veg, press your juice and recycle the bag. Done and done.

Inirv React

2. Inirv React: Having a fire in your home is a parent’s worst nightmare. That’s why Inirv React is so revolutionary — it allows its users to control their stovetop right from their smartphone. Plus, its combination of sensors and electronics enable the device to detect high levels of smoke, natural gas and lack of motion and automatically react by turning off your stove.


3. TwoEyes: It’s no big secret that virtual reality is the next big techy trend, but shooting high quality VR videos is still quite difficult with today’s devices. Or at least it was… TwoEyes is the first binocular 360 degree VR 4K camera that mirrors human eyesight. Get ready to want to shoot *everything* in VR.


4. Proof’s Sticks x Stones Collection: After appearing on Shark Tank in season four, this eco-friendly eyewear company’s popularity skyrocketed. Now they’re back on Kickstarter with a new line of glasses that’s sure to be just as popular: The Sticks x Stones collection. Made out of slate, these glasses are lightweight, durable and hella stylish.


5. Serving Pride: While queer awareness is growing stronger all the time, it’s still rather difficult to find a definitive source for queer history. This queer history dinner party handbook aims to change this by including games, recipes and, most importantly, the history of LGBT peeps in an interactive lesson that’s just as fun as it is informative.

6. HoldUms: This simple but genius product is perfect for the gal who’s *obsessed* with organizing everything. Instead of leaving your expensive glasses collecting dust on your nightstand, HoldUms provide a sleek and sturdy way to show ‘em off.

Anti-Snore Wearable1

7. The Anti-Snore Wearable: If your partner snores, you’ve probably tried some pretty elaborate ways to get them to pipe down. Since approximately 70 percent of people only snore when they sleep on their back, this convenient wearable vibrates when it detects snoring sounds so you can turn over to your side and stop snoring. Hey, it has to be better than a pillow to the gut!


8. MARA PEN: Whether you’re a saleswoman, teacher or engineer, this new girlboss-approved presentation pen will definitely elevate your pitch. It lets you control your cursor with the motion of your hand, making it easy to highlight information and win over your audience.


9. Gene: Everyone knows that staying hydrated is important… but manually recording every single glass of water you drink can seem like a HUGE waste of time. This new smart water bottle automatically tracks your daily hydration habits using a corresponding app and highlights your progress on the display screen.

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(Featured photo via Proof Eyewear)