If you haven’t bought a Valentine’s Day gift yet, it’s crunch time. With the romantic holiday only TWO days away, you’d better have plans to head to the mall ASAP or some quick DIY ideas in mind. However, if you’ve already scored your sweetie something thoughtful and now wondering if everyone else bought their partner the same gift, real estate app Estately has just created a super handy map disclosing what Valentine’s Day gifts each US state has Googled the most.

most googled valentines day gifts

Estately looked at Google Trend data going all the way back to 2004 to uncover which romantic presents are the most popular across the US. And to our surprise, the results are a surprising combination of boring, basic and super hilarious. Of course, all the Valentine’s Day classics have a home on this map. Alaskans want to have flowers delivered. Vermont just wants to buy some chocolate. Folks in Delaware are playing it safe with gift cards and Utah is keeping things budget-friendly by offering their partner a box of conversation hearts.

But then there are some states where it seems things get pretty weird on Valentine’s Day. Montana wants to feast on lobster tails. Everyone in Washington apparently thinks bear skin rugs spell romance. South Carolina believes matching outfits are the right way to say you care and perhaps most surprisingly, New Mexico wants to gift… hickeys? Uh, New Mexico, we’d really like you to elaborate on that please. Actually, on second thought, perhaps that’s one mystery better left unsolved.

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(Photos via Getty and Estately)