1. Leslie Jones has had one wild summer. It started when the reboot of Ghostbusters was released in July. Leslie, naturally, kicked a**. (Image via Giphy)

2. It wasn’t long before hateful, racist people ran her off of Twitter. But because she’s Leslie Jones, she didn’t stay away long. She had to come back to livetweet Game of Thrones, naturally.

3. And she also had a few things to say about the matter a little more seriously on Seth Myers. (Image via pinkmanjesse/Tumblr)

4. On the Ghostbusters press tour, she spoke out against being called a “female” comedian. Just “comedian” will do, thanks! (Image via be–kind–to–one–another/Tumblr)


5. And she’s a big believer in not letting your age stand in your way of doing anything. (Image via Giphy)


6. She got really real with Whoopi Goldberg about the influence she had on her as a young girl. (via mayawiig/Tumblr)


7. And then, to add fuel to the fire, someone hacked her website in August, posting nude photos stolen from her iCloud account and publishing personal info like her phone number and address. After a short break, she returned to the Internet once again, and at the Emmys even joked about it on stage. Because she is unstoppable. (Image via Giphy)

8. Plus she posted this hilarious selfie with Mr. Robot‘s Rami Malek.


9. In short, Leslie Jones, WE LOVE YOU. (Image via Giphy)

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(Featured photo via Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty)