Is it just us, or has this week felt *ridiculously* long? Regardless, we’ve decided to shake off our work week and treat ourselves with a weekend full of everything we love — including getting crafty with a creative DIY, ordering some Girl Scout cookies from Amazon (plus picking up a wine that pairs beautifully with our GS cookies because we’re classy AF), and updating our phone with a few brand new apps. From a dating app with built-in icebreakers to a game app that uses your facial expressions as the controls, here are five new apps we’re downloading on our relaxing weekend.

1. Sway: If you’re getting a little bored with your normal guided meditations, check out this cool app that uses interactive meditation to calm you down. It uses your phone to track movement like swaying motions to help you gain focus and improve your attention. Plus, unlike other meditations that require complete silence, interactive meditation is more effective in noisy and busy environments.

DL It: $2.99 on iOS

2. Perspective: No matter what you’re looking for in a journal, this all-in-one app has all the tools you need to document effectively. Including features like fast journaling, moods, habits, interests, AND daily/weekly reviews, this convenient app can definitely help you stay organized.

DL It: Free on iOS

3. Face It: This new Android-only game literally doesn’t require you to lift a finger. Face It is an interpretation of the classic “Chicken n’ Eggs” game, but instead of using your touchscreen to move your character, you can actually control the game using your facial movements (like eye winks and smiles).

DL It: Free on Android

4. Open at the Close: While it is a little morbid and surely not for everyone, we can definitely see the appeal of this app, which helps you leave your loved ones a sweet video diary of the highlights of your life (plus, we’re *obsessed* with the Harry Potter reference). The app makes sure your videos stay private and allows you to choose a personal Guardian that’ll share access with your videos post-mortem.

DL It: Free on iOS

5. Sweet Pea: It’s hard to create a name for yourself in a crowded marketplace like dating apps, but this new app is actually already gaining a lot of traction. With the goal of empowering you to make meaningful connections, Sweet Pea focuses on sparking interesting conversations by providing icebreakers, video stories, and employing a smart matching algorithm that’ll help you find your OTP.

DL It: Free on iOS

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