Though we all know by now that your mom truly started the hottest hipster trends, we can now fill our handwoven baskets with artisanal and locally sourced products at our very own hipster convenience store. But, meh, whatever, right? You鈥檙e probably over it already.

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New Portland business Mini Mini is a hipster-aimed shop from the peeps behind the Stumptown coffee shop. After having some less-than-stellar experiences at gas stations during a cross-country trip, Jonathan Felix-Lund, Matt Brown and Aaron Draplin decided a hipster convenience store needed to happen.

鈥淚f it looks good, it feels better,鈥 Felix-Lund told Munchies. 鈥淭he lighting in most convenience stores is really harsh; people get in and get out, and customers deserve a place that feels clean. Most convenience stores are gross.鈥


Offering a non-gross atmosphere, Mini Mini offers norm convenience store items as well as local artisanal products, including Salt & Straw ice cream, Stumptown coffee and Ruby Jewel ice cream sandwiches. There鈥檚 also Double Mountain beer on tap (because a hipster convenience store obvs needs a tap) and 鈥淨uickie Pies鈥 from Portland鈥檚 Sizzle Pie Pizza (another co-owner of Mini Mini).

Though we鈥檙e assured the bonuses don鈥檛 come with added costs. 鈥淧eople think Mini Mini鈥檚 going to be expensive because it鈥檚 nice, but we will fill up your growler for $7 with local cider and beer,鈥 said co-owner, Matt Brown. 鈥淣othing in this store is over 20 bucks.鈥

We have to wonder, though, is there a hipster dress code? Grab your flannel shirt and beanie, because we need some chips and locally sourced dip!

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(h/t Mental Floss; photos via Getty)