Athleisure has become less of a trend and more of a lifestyle — we’d pretty much wear it all day if we could. But admittedly, comfy workout gear gets pretty gross once you get your sweat on. One brand has invented some activewear you can *actually* keep wearing after a gym sesh, thanks to a revolutionary new fabric treatment.

Ably Apparel wants to easily transition from your spin class to the rest of your day without any of the sweat and ickiness. The treatment that Ably developed, called Filium, repels water. Liquids just literally roll off, and since it doesn’t absorb sweat, it doesn’t absorb odor either.

In their promo video, Ably promises, “You could literally wear this shirt to the gym every day for a month, and it’ll still smell new.” Less stink means less time in the laundry room. Aside from shirts, the brand also makes hoodies, tanks, long-sleeved tops, sweatpants, and shorts, with everything ranging from $30 to $135 for women.

The best part is Filium is formulated without nanoparticles or harsh chemicals. This means that your clothing isn’t just resistant to the types of bacteria that cause odors, but it won’t hurt the environment, either. And Ably doesn’t plan on stopping at athleisure — the brand also hopes to use its properties to revolutionize workwear, everyday clothing, and even bandages and scrubs in hospitals. Smell you never, odors!

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(Photos via Ably)