The day is (almost) finally here! The moment you鈥檝e all been waiting for, whether you鈥檙e a tech geek to the extreme, or just dying for an upgrade you鈥檝e had September 9 starred, circled and underlined on your calendar for Apple鈥檚 iPhone 6 announcement. After months of rumors, leaked photos and tons of (mis)information about Apple鈥檚 next money maker, we鈥檙e just DYING to know: What will the new phone actually look like? We collected some concepts and ideas that, believe it or not, are making us even more excited for the new phone. Even if the real deal doesn鈥檛 look anything like the below, it鈥檚 fun to dream isn鈥檛 it?

1. A Simple, Clean Interface:聽 This colorful concept shows one of the most common ideas floating around: a wraparound screen. Here, the buttons on the side change depending on what app you have pulled up on the front. Love the idea, but we see a lot of pocket calls and mistake tweets happening (eek). Fine, fine, so this may be more of an鈥 iPhone聽8, but we think this might be the most dreamy concept we鈥檝e clicked across. (via Design Modo)

2. Just Like The Old Phone, Only Bigger: One rumor that seems to be accepted as pretty standard fact by now is that the phone will come in two sizes: 4.7 inches or 5.5 inches. The latter, for reference, is closer to an Android size than anything yet offered by Apple. The only downside to this concept is nothing else seems to have changed but the size of the phone. Guess we鈥檒l have to wait to unlock its secrets once it鈥檚 finally released. (via BGR)

3. New Ways To Keep in Touch: iOS 8 is bringing plenty of new updates along with it. In fact, we wrote an entire roundup of them. But one of our favorites is the new chat management, which allows you to mute, name and set chats to 鈥渄o not disturb鈥 mode. This beautiful design shows just how that might look on the new phone. It鈥檚 simple, clear and just as easy as you need it to be. Tell all your friends. (via Mirror.Co and Design Modo)

4. Rounded Edges: While some concepts are touting the wraparound screen and seamless design, others are just envisioning a more 鈥淎ndroid-looking鈥 phone with beveled edges, a larger screen and dark metals. This concept kind of looks like a hybrid between a Windows Phone, Android and iPhone rolled up in one. If Apple is trying to straddle the market for all three with a design similar to this, they may have a winner. (via Mark Pelin Design)

5. Super Slim and Sleek: This sleek iPhone concept might be too thin to even build, but that doesn鈥檛 stop us from loving this high-style concept. Even better, the thin display incorporates your surroundings into 鈥渢ransparent鈥 wallpapers using tiny cameras, alerts you when you need to charge your battery and features those awesomely clear retina displays. It may not be realistic, but gosh it would be cool if this could be more than just a dream. (via SCAVids)

6. A Holographic Display: Just when you thought the iPhone 6 concepts couldn鈥檛 get even more like a science fiction movie, here comes the holographic phone. This concept imagines holographic projectors on either side of the phone, illuminating from the sides of the physical display. The idea is that it could be used for gaming, checking images or even as a holographic keyboard. We say: totally freaking cool (via Set Solution)

7. Glow in the Dark: Need to find your phone in the dark? This concept adds in a feature called Nightlite, which illuminates your home button, bezel and Apple icon as soon as it gets dark. And that icon might actually keep you from missing your important notifications; it will light up when your phone is face down to let you know about new messages. You鈥檒l never have to miss a text again, unless of course you want to. (via CIP)

8. Airy Light: This iPhone 6 鈥淎ir鈥 model goes back to the glossy glass back of the old iPhone 5, but that鈥檚 where the similarities end. Matte metal edges and edge-to-edge display make this idea more of a mashup between a Retina display iPad and an older phone. With that larger screen and flat design however, it鈥檚 all new to us and we鈥檙e loving it. (via NWE)

9. It Comes With A Companion: As awesome as some of these new concepts may be, it would still be hard to find a way to lug a 5.5 inch monster phone everywhere you go. That extra weight could drag you down, which is why Apple is rumored to be releasing the iWatch, too. While this addition might not be available until 2015, it鈥檚 said that it will make it easier for you to run small tasks, like texting, turning on a health tracking app even paying for your next cuppa Starbucks without needing to reach for your phone. We love this sleek pairing and envisioning how the two pieces of tech could flow together. (via Martin Hajek)

10. Ready to Go Dashboard: Another gorgeous concept art features a ready to go dashboard for all your data processing needs. We love the bright neon colors that keep the design of the graphs sleek and sharp. Add to that a meticulous organization and easy to read design, and we think this phone is the next essential work tool. (via Design Modo)

11. Colored and Curved Cases: This concept reminds us a lot of the Nokia phone that came out a few years ago, which featured a clear glass screen surrounded by a durable, colorful case. We love the iPhone鈥檚 classy white and rose gold version in this artwork, which also includes tapered edges, a thinner body, and a cleanly illuminated home button. (via Martin Hajek)

12. It鈥檚 Got Eyes?: Your selfie/instagram/hyperlapse/video taking game might be getting a major boost. Rumors are swirling around about the new camera鈥檚 ability to process more megapixels than ever before. This concept artist imagined what such a camera would look like, and came up with tiny 鈥渆ye鈥-like lenses that extend to take photos. Click the link to see the cool technology in action. (via CIP)

13. It鈥檚 Ready to Be Your Home Keeper: The next operating system for the iPhone, iOS 8, will feature an entire kit to help you sync your phone to smart appliances and settings around your house. This bonus concept takes that idea and runs with it, exploring how your phone could possibly connect to your thermostat and A/C, or automatically unlock your house depending on where you are. How鈥檚 that for mobile security? (via Martin Hajek)

Are you as eager as we are to see if the rumors are true? Can鈥檛 wait for the new iPhone 6? Let us know below!聽