16 Times Adele’s Instagram Was Basically a Vision Board for Life
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16 Times Adele’s Instagram Was Basically a Vision Board for Life

Let’s just get this out of the way: Adele is perfect. She’s funny, otherworldly talented and beautiful, sure. Those things are obvious. But she’s also not afraid to get personal by sharing her pregnancy struggle, she stands up for the underdog, she is generous and, duh, that eyeliner. When she finally joined Instagram late in 2015 to support her upcoming, long-awaited album 25 and the world tour that followed, we had no doubt the photos would be like little tiny gifts — and we were NOT disappointed. Check out some of the best moments from Adele’s Instagram so far:

1. She loves wine. Adele took some down time on a recent tour stop in Vancouver, BC, to enjoy a glass of white wine outdoors with good company and her beloved pup Louie — just like any queen should.

2. She’s humble. After an epic headlining set at Glastonbury in June, Adele was overwhelmed, saying she’d been coming to the festival her whole life and always wanted to play. “I can’t explain how I feel about Saturday night,” she wrote. “I was and am still so overwhelmed. Not sure it’ll ever sink in or that I’ll ever get over it. But I’m not sure how anyone could.” The best superstars stay humble.

3. But that doesn’t mean she didn’t get pre-show nerves! Also, give us that coat. Thank you.

4. Here, she’s looking SO cute while taking a quick dip in Denver, CO. She’s nearly always laughing.

5. The struggle is real, and Adele knows it. She is real about what it takes to be healthy, and is all about going to the gym — within moderation, of course.

6. Adele never forgets where she came from. Here, she’s seen representing her hometown in a cheeky pic with the caption, “Started from the bottom now we’re here.”

7. She loves her fur baby. Carrying her little dog Louie around backstage in Berlin like a good dog mom!

8. Adele shared a piece of her past with her fans as a thank you for all the support. She knows this love is unconditional!

9. GOALS. In an uncharacteristically colored photo to show off her gorgeous surroundings, Adele looks straight out of a fashion spread with this one. Always goals.

10. Literally same.

11. Staying in touch with home via Facetime while working on her face, Adele works hard at work/life balance while on the road.

12. Okay, and also work/play balance.

13. …Okay, maybe mostly play.

14. Adele: She loves Queen Bey, just like us!

15. She’s goofy. Something tells us Adele has a bit of a class clown in her, as she’s pictured here catching a few Z’s (or maybe not) in Oslo.

16. Adele at her epic best. Have we mentioned yet that she’s perfect?!

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(Featured photo via @adele)