If you love fabulously fierce feline-inspired looks (hello rainbow cat undercut!), then you鈥檒l surely have swooned over Adele鈥檚 eyeliner more than anyone else鈥檚 eye-look in the history of the makeup-wearing world. Seriously, she takes the sleek cat-eye to an entirely new level, and it鈥檚 a hot style that almost anyone would want to try. However, if you happen to have tried it you鈥檒l know that it鈥檚 not a simple look to achieve. Symmetry, a steady hand and skill are all needed. And maybe even some insider tips? We鈥檝e finally been granted the wish we鈥檝e been making since first laying eyes on that majestic makeup: Adele鈥檚 makeup artist has given us a tutorial to help us achieve the ultimate 鈥渇eline flick.鈥 Can we get a 鈥榳oooo鈥?!

Adele _ cat-eye eyeliner

鈥淚 get asked a lot to do an Adele makeup tutorial,鈥 Lisa Eldridge says in the YouTube video, featuring makeup artist Michael Ashton. 鈥淚 think it鈥檚 one of the most requested.鈥 We have no doubt of that!

Having worked with Adele for nine years, Michael (along with the singer, of course) is responsible for the look that has defined the songstress since the start of her career.

It may take a few steps (as well as a few attempts), but the end result will surely be worth it.

Have you tried the cat-eye look? Did you find success, or was it a massive fail? Show us a pic of your best/worst cat-eye eyeliner @BritandCo!

(h/t MTV, photos via Adele/Facebook)