Cycling is amazing exercise — not only does it get us out in the sun, but it also tones and tightens the hamstrings and glutes. It’s great for the mind, and the views and endorphins can be downright addictive. However, one thing that cycling is not known for is cute outfits. When it comes to outdoor bike riding, the adorable workout gear that everyone else gets to wear is just not going to cut it. Your gear needs to be a lot of things — aerodynamic, chafe resistant and able to protect you from temperature, provide safety lighting and wick away sweat.

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Not willing to accept that her love of cycling would force her into unflattering clothing, Alexis Benson decided to create her own line of chic cyclewear for serious cyclists, and so Lexi Miller was born. “I started road biking about six years ago, and I was so disappointed by the majority of women’s cycling apparel: ill fitting, cheap textiles, ugly colors and designs, lots of girly swirly shapes, big splashy logos.” Alexis told us. “Other fitness apparel brands had made such huge strides, and I felt like cycling apparel needed to catch up. The choices for women were simply smaller, curvier, pinker men’s designs.”

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With that in mind, Lexi Miller set out to find the most advanced technology in fabrics, and then paired that with high-fashion design influence.This carefully curated collection is made in California from the finest Italian technical fabrics in the sport, which boast an SPF 50+.

“I start by looking for flattering details in fashion,” Alexis said. “For instance, the Wrapture Jersey was inspired by Diane von Furstenberg’s wrap dress. The Hourglass Jersey was inspired by the lines of a vintage Dior dress. My pattern maker was a bit apprehensive about veering from the traditional 5-panel design of a cycling jersey, but I knew that more sophisticated tailoring and construction would make all the difference in fit, while preserving function.”


Though spin classes are dominated by women, road biking is still dominated by men. “It can be alienating. When I was shopping for my first bike, it kinda felt like walking into a car dealership. I am definitely in the minority out on the road, which intimidated me in the beginning. Now it’s not so intimidating, but I do wish that I had more female company out there! A huge part of my mission is to make road biking more approachable for women by creating clothes that fit and flatter their bodies, that align with their taste and that they won’t be mortified to be seen in.”

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Are you a female cyclist? What are your favorite active-wear brands? Let us know in the comments below!