Another baby has joined the Bachelor Nation family! Former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky-Manno and husband Kevin Manno just welcomed their second child, a baby boy.

The proud second-time mom made the announcement via Instagram, posting a photo of herself and Manno with their new arrival at the hospital. 鈥淥ur sweet boy has arrived! Born 5/24, 12:57am at 21.5 inches and weighing 8lbs 11oz,鈥 she captioned the pic. 鈥淲e are so grateful and bursting with love!鈥

Fedotowsky-Manno 鈥 who first appeared on Jake Pavelka鈥檚 season of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love before becoming the sixth Bachelorette in 2010 鈥 is already mom to daughter Molly Sullivan, whom she and Manno welcomed in July 2016. The couple, married since March 2017, announced in November that they were expecting baby number two.

When Brit + Co spoke to the blogger earlier this month, she said that she was feeling 鈥渟o much stronger mentally and physically鈥 with her second pregnancy. 鈥淚t鈥檚 just funny how you handle it differently,鈥 she told us.

Asked if 22-month-old Molly had any idea what was going on, the Bachelorette alum explained, 鈥淪he kisses my belly goodnight every single night. Like, we鈥檒l say, 鈥極kay, give mommy a kiss,鈥 and she鈥檒l kiss me. 鈥楪ive Owen [the dog] a kiss,鈥 and she kisses Owen. 鈥極kay, give baby brother a kiss,鈥 and she鈥檒l kiss my belly.鈥

鈥淚 don鈥檛 think there鈥檚 any way possible that she could understand that he is coming out and is going to be a part of our lives forever,鈥 Fedotowsky-Manno continued. 鈥淏ut she鈥檚 so loving and she鈥檚 so sweet. I just think she鈥檚 going to be the best big sister.鈥

Hours before heading to the hospital for her son鈥檚 birth, she posted a photo of herself, Molly, Kevin, and Owen, writing, 鈥淭his is so surreal to say but tomorrow we meet our son. Molly and Owen are crying tears of joy. Today is all about family and enjoying our last moments as a family of 3 (plus poochie!) before our world is changed once again forever.鈥

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(photo via Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)