Living minimally is no longer just for the people who live in studio apartments. Whether we’re buying furniture, gadgets or tableware, we’re looking for innovative buys that have multiple functions and give us a little more bang for our buck. The “All I Own” house takes everything we love about transformable products and turns it into an entire house in which you can move the walls to adjust to your needs. The only question is, when can we move in?

This house in North Madrid was designed by PKMN Architectures for designer Yolanda R. Pila. The concept for the project was born from the idea that all of the stuff in our lives (at least our favorite stuff) should move with us. The placement of things should reflect the time of day and our use for those things. This way, you can adjust your space for your morning yoga, afternoon client meeting and nighttime dinner party all with just a little push and shove.

The house is customizable through the movement of three suspended “containers” which are essentially wooden walls with shelving for extra storage. In only a few seconds, you can move the walls to accommodate your daily activities and designate new areas depending on your needs. The exposed wood look is chic, but if we got our hands on it, you can bet it’d be covered in color.

Even though this is ideal for a small one-person space, we think it could really come in handy with kiddos too. A shared room could be easily divided as they get older, or even just split up for an after-school study time. We’re sure the possibilities for this space are endless.

What would you do with movable walls? Let us know in the comments!