Population numbers are exploding and landmasses are shrinking. What that means is we should all get used to some serious small space living and to looking beyond crumbling walls and ceilings to see the potential of what a space could be. When you find the perfect place, sometimes you have to understand its past before you can begin to shape its future. An apartment in Stockholm, Sweden is one such example. The tiny space, which languished as a storage unit for 30 years, was recently transformed by architect Karin Matz into a gorgeous home that any small-space fanatic would swoon over.

Despite being less than 400 square feet, the apartment still feels open and light thanks to plenty of windows, muted colors and mastery of the small floor plan.

The interior feels modern thanks to new white walls and an IKEA-inspired unit that houses the bed, storage, kitchen and wardrobe. The other side of the apartment still has the worn walls from the past 20 years of neglect, adding to the charm and history of the place.

The hybrid blend of old and new is especially impressive in the bathroom, which connects the two contrasting spaces with some gorgeous green mosaic. A desk, tiny washing machine and an open balcony that looks out onto the water all add little pockets of luxury scattered throughout.

The apartment would be perfect for one or two people, and it’s a testament to just how much you can do with limited space. If you’re willing to get creative and play around at least a little bit, well, then you could be living large in, yes, even a storage unit.

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(h/t Design Milk)