Nature and tech don’t exactly go together, in the traditional sense at least. But you know what? Natural accessories for our tech are totally trendy. From leather cord keepers to sleeves and cases that make your gadgets look like they’re actually made out of wood, the world of makers is pretty obsessed with this clever combination. And the folks at Moto X have jumped right on board.


Their latest innovation allows you to MAKE your phone. When it comes to customizing your phone, there are actually hundreds of different color and material combos, like a variety of leather and wood finishes you can choose from. Why scour the web for a wooden case when you can just go full-on with a wooden phone? ;)

You can even engrave the back with your email address, a hashtag, your Instagram handle or whatever you like. We’ve teamed up with Moto X to keep this all-natural thing going. Here are 10 leather, wood, felt and wool tech-cessories to go with a custom phone such as this.

1. Wrap and Snap Leather Cable Keeper ($24): Keep all your essential cords in order with this simple doodad that lets you wrap and snap.

2. Natural Linen Camera Strap ($195): This gorgeous camera strap is the perfect excuse to upgrade your camera this Christmas.

3. Laptop Case ($120): All of the items in Noah Marion’s shop are swoon-worthy, crafted with timeless design in mind. This case can be made to fit from 11-inch laptops all the way to 17-inch.

4. Wool Felt Laptop Bag ($48): Great for guys or gals, this lovely number is a stylish way to class up your commute.

5. Wood Earbud Holder ($27): No more tangles, headphones edition ;)

6. Troubadour Wood Headphones ($150): If you want to rock some serious style while you rock, LSTN’s Troubadour line is an easy win. And guess what else? These headphones are do-gooders too. More than 15,000 people across the globe have had their hearing restored because commuters, desk DJs and music fans like you plug in with a pair of these very headphones. Amazing, right?

7. Meze Deco Headphones ($79): For the more minimalist of music listeners, this pair of wooden earbuds is just the thing.

8. Wireless Bamboo Keyboard ($69): How cool is this? It will actually make you want to type more. We promise.

9. DIY Desk Sound Station ($40): Organize all your messy wires with this quirky little station. Made using eco-friendly plywood, it comes flat packed and assembles in minutes.

10. Moto Hint ($150): This little doodad looks like it’s straight out of 007’s toolkit. It’s a discreet wireless earbud designed to look good and happens to be pretty comfortable too. It lets you operate your phone solely by voice — how cool is that?

What all-natural tech-cessories are you swooning over? If you were to design your dream phone (not the ’90s board game, an actual phone!), would you go for leather, wood or bold bright colors? Talk to us in the comments below.

This post is a collaboration with Moto X.