Break out the umbrellas and wellies, because April showers have officially arrived. Armed with some of the season’s most colorful all-weather jackets, we’re actually — dare we say it — excited by the prospect of rainy days. And luckily, you can be too. Check out these 15 water-resistant jackets that are anything but bor-ing.


1. Rain Trench With Personality ($81): What’s white, green and pink all over? All signs point to this peppy little trench coat made for those who don’t want to blend in.


2. Splish-Splash ($85): Now, you didn’t really think that we could curate a post on all-weather jackets and NOT include a rubber-ducky-yellow rain slicker? Go forth and conquer spring with this sunny jacket.


3. Nylon Performance Jacket ($268): This sporty performance jacket has won us over, and for good reason. It’s not every day that you come across an all-weather jacket that blocks out wind, moisture and impromptu showers. For good measure, it even comes with a hood!


4. Punchy Anorak in Coral ($128): Say hello to this playful update on the classic anorak. We’re not kidding when we say you could spot us a mile away in this rain-stopper.


5. The Quintessential Cool Girl Jacket ($148): Fact: We have yet to meet a field jacket that we did not like. Not only will you never want to take it off, but the waxed cotton will shield you from the elements. #winning


6. We’ve Got the Blues ($140): … but not for long! While there is such a thing as the rainy day blahs, that shouldn’t get you down. This cargo-style anorak in royal blue is ultra versatile thanks to its inner drawstring waist and abundance of pockets.


7. Transitional Anorak ($198): If you’re digging the minimalist-utilitarian look, then this practical anorak will be your jam. Perfect for in-between seasons, it boasts an oversized, effortless fit that can’t be beat.


8. Penfield Practical Parka ($130): When travel necessities reign supreme, you’ll need a foldable jacket for convenience’s sake. Cropped fit, kangaroo-style pockets, an unforgettable shade of orange… did we miss anything?


9. Stripe Hooded Raincoat ($175): Hey there, skipper. Our inner prepster is swooning at the sight of this nautical yellow- and blue-striped rain jacket.


10. Slick Lilac Rain Trench ($81): If you’re Coachella-bound, then you need this slick rain jacket in your life STAT. Flower crown and denim cutoffs are obligatory.


11. Barbour Rain Jacket ($279): Rainy day conundrum? Not in this waterproof topper! If you prefer classic rain jackets but want something besides a trench, then allow Barbour to lead the way. Besides, who could resist that poppy shade of red?


12. Color Block Windbreaker ($78): For those unfortunate moments when you find yourself stuck in a torrential downpour (gusty winds included), rest assured that this bold color block windbreaker will have you covered.


13. It Pays to Be Edgy ($298): At last, a water-resistant jacket to match our semi-professional wardrobes. While this fitted style may not shield you from the heaviest downpours, it sure does give new meaning to the phrase “rainy day chic.”


14. Color Block Rain Trench ($81): For a day of running errands and incessantly popping in and out of the rain, this lightweight rain trench is perfect. The smooth, coated fabric and spring-y pastel color palette makes for the quintessential springtime statement piece.


15. Pop of Green, Please ($80): Can we all just agree that this waterproof jacket is infinitely chicer than your everyday poncho? And that compelling shade of green? We can’t even.

Which stylish, all-weather rain jacket will you be snatching up just in time for April showers? Tell us in the comments below!