Maybe blondes DON鈥橳 always have more fun! Despite the fact that The Crown star Claire Foy recently admitted she was treated better as a blonde, she made the choice to go back to brunette due to the non-stop maintenance of it all 鈥 a sentiment Kim Kardashian West also seemed to be on board with following a grueling聽13+ hours in the styling chair to maintain her platinum hue. Now, Allison Williams is following suit, ditching her sunny blonde tresses in favor of her own natural brunette shade.

The Girls star shared the selfie of her newly-dyed brown locks over on Instagram, adding a heart emoji-laden caption which read, 鈥淏ack to my roots. Blonde was fun, but I鈥檝e got to say that I鈥檓 happy to be back.鈥

It鈥檚 a switch she鈥檚 been contemplating for a while, telling Brit + Co. back in 2016, 鈥淲hat girl isn鈥檛 constantly thinking about their next drastic hair change?! I鈥檓 thinking of dying it dark, dark brown and getting bangs.鈥

Instead, she appeared to have followed what she says was the best advice she ever received to 鈥渨ait two weeks before getting any haircut. Sometimes it鈥檚 a passing phase!! Some of them are so drastic that you have to really like it 鈥 otherwise, you can be completely stuck with it while it grows out.鈥

As a result, she wound up going in the opposite direction, debuting an icy blonde look on the March 2017 cover of Allure.

Now, despite the fact that she too says she 鈥済ot more attention鈥 as a blonde (鈥淚t鈥檚 so stupid,鈥 she quipped during a Vanity Fair podcast) she鈥檚 made the big swap, and from the looks of her Instagram stories, it appears to be well worth the wait.

We for one, think she looks great (though honestly, the Get Out star could pull off just about any color). Looking gorgeous, Allison!

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(Photo via Frazer Harrison + John Phillips/Getty)