Amazon Alexa is spreading to all of our devices, and possibly also plotting world domination. Well, maybe we鈥檙e exaggerating that last part. Amazon officials announced today that their personal assistant is going to be integrated in mobile devices soon, and we can鈥檛 help but imagine what a world with Alexa on the streets looks like.


The all-new Fire HD 8 will come preloaded with Alexa sometime within the next few months. People who buy the $90 device will get access to most Alexa features that owners of the Tap ($130) or Echo ($180) get. Mobile Alexa will tell jokes, read the news, call you an Uber, give you the weather forecast and keep you updated on everything you need to know.聽The personal assistant will work similarly to the Siri of yore. There鈥檚 no 鈥淗ey Alexa鈥 feature; instead, users will have to tap the home button if they want to bring out Alexa on their Fire.

There are also rumors flying around that Amazon Alexa could be coming to Lenovo computers sometime soon, but we haven鈥檛 confirmed that yet. Just in case, let鈥檚 all be very nice to Alexa. There鈥檚 no knowing how far her reach could go鈥

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(h/t The Verge; photos via Amazon)